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It’s a routine procedure in all the educational institutions like schools and colleges that students arrange for a learning conference or to discuss the issues they are having in there. Sometimes it involves all the students in the school like an election or campaign but mostly it just revolves around specific part of the institute like a particular grade or gender.

So in that kind of situation when a person wants to tell something to only a part of the school or college, making an academic poster is the only way to inform all of them otherwise one has to go to each of them and tell them or ask them a favor. When a person hangs a poster in the school hallway or notice board, it only concerns the specific kind and others can just read it and move on.

There are many kinds of academic posters like when a student wants to share his research to others, he makes a poster and asks his classmates to join him on a particular day and get to know his theories or research. Or when a teacher wants to arrange for an inter-student competition in which all the students of a particular grade are asked to make a science project and present it in the exhibition. This way the teachers establish good relations between students and motivate them to do more and work hard. There is another kind like when a teacher or scholar from outside comes to a school or college and asks the authorities to arrange a conference with the students where he can pass on the knowledge he has or help them by sharing his views and the school management create a poster to announce that conference.

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Academic Poster

General guidelines to create an academic poster:

  • First of all, gather all the required information and figures at one place so you don’t forget anything.
  • Academic posters are generally for school workshops or colleges and students make them on regular basis. Most of the people put a large name on the top in order to inspire the teacher or supervisor but you need to select a small title for your poster.
  • According to a specific situation, choose a picture that demonstrates the contents in a good way.
  • Start by an introduction of your project and the context of this poster making. At this point you just need to provide a small background introduction of your part in this process.
  • Below that, explain the main theme of making this poster and conducting this meeting such as if its students related, management related or includes some kind of protest agenda.
  • If you used someone else’s work or you are part of a group which prepared this project with you, name them at the end and thank them for their dedication of time and effort in the way over.
  • Put your name at the end of the poster and thanks everyone for listening to you.

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