Wanted Poster Template

Every common person now has much of the awareness to civil laws and regulations. People follow the laws for their safety, for justice and to being a responsible citizen and get respect in any civil society; they have to cooperate with police to help them making their lives peacefully. For this purpose, police department or any other agency responsible for maintaining peace, has to publish pamphlets having details of a criminal or can be known as wanted poster; it has the detailed information about the criminal that was sought by law enforcement. This poster contains information about their appearances, the crimes them have guilty of and the place they were last seen on. It also includes their picture if available or otherwise their possible sketch drawn by experts.

Wanted Poster Guidelines

The bounty for the informer or the prize money to make the criminal caught must be mentioned at the bottom of the poster. It enhances criminal’s anxiety, disturb him to take some step not to be caught or observed by any common person and that will be suspected by the police. It also shows the importance of the point that mentioned criminal must have to be caught at any cost because he will be dangerous for any one and done much harm to society already and expected to do that again if not caught.

Here is a preview of my own designed Wanted Poster template created using MS Word 2007,

Wanted Poster Template

When a criminal escaped any jails boundary, being caught in a murder and succeeded to escape the scene or being involved in a robbery and go underground to avoid arrest and persecution then police department use wanted posters to alert every common man to oblige with them and help them to catch the suspect. Wanted posters must be displayed in crowded places, in supermarkets where most of the persons expected to see it and all of the public places; such as, stations, offices, markets and lobbies etc. Wanted posters are produced by any of the government or private agencies, railway secretary or company that sustained a robbery or any serious crime. Police department predominantly also issues wanted posters for the fugitives and bounty for them also offered to the person who provide exact information that led to their capture. On modern wanted posters, one can see the fingerprints of the fugitive along with their identity.

In the year 2007, the American Federal Bureau of Investigation is known as FBI, was started posting wanted posters on digital billboards in different cities and still working on expanding their capacity. It helped them to post a wanted notice immediately across the country and people noticed it instantly. And in 2010, FBI accepted and claimed that many of the cases had been solved with the help of electronic billboard publicity and many other also been progressing through the Bureau’s publicity efforts on the whole. United States also start a reward for justice program that offers more than $100 million for the information that help to prevent terrorist attack or any act that reflects terrorism and help to bring justice and peace to their country.

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