Research Poster Template

The key purpose of conducting a research is to find out the right answer regarding a theory or a scientific fact. But if only one person is working or researching, the results can’t be that authenticated and it’s hard to believe what that single person is saying. So to overcome that issue, research institutes like laboratories ask a group of scientists to work on a research project and afterwards when they have concluded some results or findings, they have to share it with the rest of the group. This is done by putting the research process and results on a paper and displaying it on a notice board or in a conference or a department meeting. That document is called a research poster. The key purpose of this poster is to tell the research finding to a lot of people in shorter time.

These posters are hanged in the streets, outside of important buildings, on a notice board in a school or college or inside that research department as a souvenir. The key benefit of such a poster is that you only have to design one poster and then you can make thousands of copies and distribute it to the required population. For example if it’s a mathematic research, you can hang the poster outside the math department in a school and if it’s a physics related research, put it on the notice board in the physics building of the college.

Here is preview of this Research Poster Template created using Microsoft Word,

research poster template

General guidelines to create a research poster:

  • First of all, gather all the required information and figures at one place so you don’t have to Google something if you forget it or didn’t remember in the first place.
  • Research posters are generally for college workshops or research institutes and people make them on regular basis. Most of the people put a large name on the top in order to inspire the teacher or supervisor but you need to select a small title for your poster. This way it will be easily readable and people will understand it in a glance.
  • If the project has only one thing to discuss, put a large picture at the top which explains everything but if you have to tell a lot of things and there will be more than one picture involved, put them as you discuss each one of the.
  • Start your words or theory by an introduction of your project and the context of the research. At this point you don’t have to provide a huge paragraph but 100-120 words are enough for introduction and background.
  • Below that, explain what inspired you and how you figured out a way to conduct this research program. Here you need to explain a little bit about your program and the processes you used.
  • After that put a conclusion about the facts or figures you have discovered and what are the grounds which will support your discoveries.
  • If you used someone else’s work or research in between your own research, you should appreciate their work by writing something about it at the end of the poster.
  • Put your name at the end of the poster and thanks everyone for listening to you.

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