Real Estate Poster Template

Selling and buying real estate is a common thing in almost everyone’s life and we do it many times in our daily life like when we want to buy a house, we deal with real estate situation or when we sell our home to buy a bigger place on the beach or when a businessman buys or sells business or office, it’s all related to real estate. Also real estate doesn’t mean that only building are included but it includes any piece of property such as a farm house in the village or barren piece of land in the country side. Either you want to sell something or want to buy; you need to meet a realtor in order to look for the right people. But the problem is that you have to believe what that realtor is telling you and if you are selling something, you don’t get to know the actual price of your selling item as he is buying it and the only one in the line. The best thing to do is to tell the people around you about the item you are selling or something that you want to buy and then different people will contact you and make their offers. This way you can get higher price for the item you are selling or get a better deal on the purchase of a house or shop.

In order to contact all those people, you can put an ad in the local newspaper but that will cost you a lot and you won’t get the expected result either so that’s out of the list. You can ask a dealer to get clients or buyers for you but in that case, you have to pay his commission which will almost cost you as the price of giving an ad in newspaper. If you are familiar with making and distributing flyers, you should consider that and go for it except you are not making flyers but real estate posters. A poster is a little different from a flyer as it’s bigger in size and you don’t handout in to people but hang it in the public places where walking people take a look and if they are interested, they call you to make an offer.

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Real Estate Poster template

General guidelines to create a real estate poster:

  • First of all you have to determine and know what kind of people you want for the deal and how much can you spend on this process. This way you can specify the number of copies you will make of the original poster.
  • Then at the top of the poster, put a unique and eye-catching line for your ad on the poster.
  • Then put the picture of the item you are selling or want to buy and make it as bigger as you can because a picture says thousand words and it grabs the people’s attention.
  • If you are selling something, highlight the best part of it and how it will benefit the person who buys it where on the other hand, if you want to buy, specify the characteristics that you want according to your requirements.
  • Then at the end, put instructions for those who want to contact you such as the best time to reach you or right day to meet you.
  • Provide your name, phone numbers and contact information for the ones who want to contact you.

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