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Creative and well designed restaurant menu is always required for the promotion of your services and food items. Attractive menu will increase the appetite of the customers so it is essential to pay special attention on the designing of menu. Usually, hotels and restaurants prefer to design vertical menu to make it attractive enough. It is important to consider the theme and target demographic of your restaurant while designing vertical menu.

It will be good to consider your target audience to plan interesting menu according to their class and choice. Vertical menu proves really significant as customer can easily explore it to enjoy yummy dishes. Vertical menu should contain all important contents for the better communication.

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verticle menu template

Tips to Design Vertical Menu

Vertical menu is an attractive option so it is essential to plan your work carefully. Following are some tips that will help you to design an attractive vertical menu for your restaurant business:

Divide your menu into different categories and use different colors to highlight each category. For example, you can use primary color scheme to color special seafood items and in the background you can use different images like ships, fishermen, shells, nets, seagulls, fish etc.

Size and orientation of the menu cover should be determined carefully to provide better options to customers. Vertical format is easy to handle for customers as you can opt for 8 ½ by 11, 4 ¼ by 11, 8 ½ by 14 and 4 ¼ by 14 inches for the size of vertical menu.

You can design different pages for the menu according to different food items such as vegetable dishes, meat dishes, sea food, dessert, beverages etc. Contents should be displayed in smaller section for the easy navigation and exploration.

Material of the menu cover matters a lot because it should be durable so buy brawny card stock with plastic lamination for long term durability. You can also use expensive material such as leather, wood, metal or fabric to design the cover of your vertical menu according to your budget.

You can choose embossed, engrave, etch or affixing in a metal or plastic title plate. You can choose anyone of these styles to give an elegant look to the cover of your vertical menu. It will be good to design rough sketches for the menu as it will help you to pick up one best design for vertical menu.

Selection of artwork, clip art and photographs are important to include in the vertical menu to make it attractive enough. Position images carefully because overcrowding on the menu can irritate reader.

Font should be consistent with the overall theme of the vertical menu but it should be easy to read. Name of the restaurant should be placed in the center of vertical menu with the logo of restaurant. Do not forget to include contact addresses and contact numbers for the promotional purpose. You can also use vintage photographs of the restaurant with clearly written name of restaurant.

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Vertical Menu Template 02

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