Missing Person Poster Template

We live in a world where if someone is gone missing, it’s not an uncommon incident. It happens to a lot of us that when we go out with our family to an amusement park or shopping mall, sometimes we don’t take care of the little ones with us and they go missing in the crowd. Most of the times it’s easy to find them by just looking for then or have an announcement to ask for help but there are times when there is no way to find that person all by yourself. In that situation, you have to involve as many person as possible because the more the better. There are great chances of finding that person if lots of people are involved in the search process. And the best and quickest way to do is to make a missing person poster. It’s just like a flyer but large in size on which you put the picture of the person who is missing and everything about the place where he or she lost, the time of the day along with your contact info so that if someone finds that person, can inform you.

We see these types of posters in every street and at every corner. Sometimes they are about a human being and sometimes it’s a pet, some documents or any other object like a tricycle. This way when you have a clear knowledge about where that person went missing, you can immediately create this poster and by photocopying it in hundreds; you can distribute it to 1-2 km radius. You can also put an award for the one who finds that person so that people take it more seriously and search harder.

Here is preview of this Missing Person Poster Template created using Microsoft Word,

Missing person Poster

General guidelines to create a missing person poster:

  • First of all make sure that the person you are looking for is really missing. If you two got into a fight or that person was upset about something, it’s better to call the cops but if you think it’s just a small child who got lost and couldn’t find the way to home, making this poster is a good idea.
  • The most important thing about this poster is the picture of the missing person. Colored photo is best but if you can’t arrange for that, black & white is also good. If you don’t have a solo photo of that person and it’s a group photo, make sure to mention the missing person in the group. You can make a circle around that person or put an arrow on his head.
  • Once the photo is all set at the top of the poster, it’s time to offer some reward for the person who will find the missing one. It works more than anything as the people will actually look out for that missing person just to get the reward. But don’t mention an exact figure of reward on the poster; it’s not a good idea.
  • Then provide every available detail about that person which can help in order to find him or her. The dress color and design, the hair color, eyes color, height, body shape and any other particular thing that you remember.
  • At the bottom of the poster, put your contact information for the person who finds the missing guy or gal. Provide you name, street address and phone number that is available either its landline or mobile.

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