Membership Certificate Template

Membership is a particular term that means belonging to a group or an organization. Usually membership is taken for clubs, restaurants, commercial organizations for shopping discounts and many others. Some organizations charge for taking membership and some provides free membership to their customers and clients. Special discounts and benefits are given to the individuals who take membership. Membership certificates are provided to the members that contain some important information about terms and conditions of membership. These certificates can also be said membership cards, token and pins as well. Membership certificates are created in best professional way because they are made to interact with public. If you are looking for making membership certificates in best professional and attractive way, you are provided with expert tips to make membership certificate.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Membership Certificate Template created by our staff using MS Word,

Membership Certificate Template

Membership Certificate Designing Tips:

  • First of all selecting proper size of membership certificate is necessary. Size of certificate must appropriate not too large and not too small. At least two certificates can be made with one paper sheet.
  • You must be aware of good software or program to make membership certificate. We suggest you to use MS Word and MS Publisher for making membership certificate. You will find all required design tools in these software and they are also convenient to use.
  • So you have selected the software to make membership certificate. You must be well familiar with the selected software. It would be very convenient if you are aware of using software.
  • Now let’s come to prepare membership certificate by choosing a border for certificate. Open a blank file in your selected software and make border of certificate.
  • Choose appropriate font size and style to put contents of certificate. Font for certificate must look attractive as well as professional like. Adding affects to the font can be optional for you like italic, bold etc.
  • After selecting the text format, start writing contents of certificate. Name of the organization is written at the top of certificate then write other contents like member name, terms and conditions of membership and others like that.
  • Adding some of design elements is necessary to make membership certificates attractive and professional like. Logo of organization can be inserted with name of organization. Other design elements include color, border shading, lines and backgrounds on membership certificate.
  • Membership certificate is ready and now you can take print of membership certificate that you have created. Using color printer is best for taking print outs of membership certificate.
  • Never forget to save your file in your computer system because it will serve you as certificate template and you can use it any time to make another certificate. This certificate template can make you convenient in:
  1. Adding more text to the certificate.
  2. More color and design elements
  3. Removing un-necessary date or text from certificate
  4. Inserting logos and pictures to the certificate
  5. Editing header and footer of certificate.

Hope, these tips and steps will make you very easy in creating best-looking membership certificate. However, you can use your hands if you are good in designing skills.

Here is download link for the above mentioned Free Membership Certificate Template,
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