Advance Receipt Template

If you are dealing with a landlord in order to get a property. You must keep in mind before handing over your security deposit to the landlord, that directly paying the security fee in the form of cash to the landlord is not a safe option. This is preferable because it leaves a solid proof that the landlord has received the money. Nowadays to be on a safer side customers expects a proper receipt while making any type of purchase. Receipts always play an important role in any business, whether it’s a large scale business or operating at a small level. Transactions that are made on personal levels like if you are interested in selling a car, this also requires a receipt.

Sample Advance Receipt Format

The receipt is vital because if later on anything go wrong, there is proper evidence available about the time and date at which the transaction occurred and the amount paid, along with the method of payment is given on the receipt. On a receipt, mention the full name of the business. Enlist the name along with the residential address of the receiver or the one who is receiving the advance payment. If you’ll mention the name of a business, you have to give the name of the owner of that business. Include the name of the buyer in case of any business deal. Just giving first and last name of the buyer is enough for a receipt. Now the date on which the transaction or any purchase is made, that should also be given. If you want to maintain an organized record you can also add the day, month and the year and more professionally some may include the exact time on which payments are made.

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Advance Receipt Template

Give details such as a description of the item being sold, product number and also give the quantity or amount of the items involved in the business deal. Any other information should also be included that would be helpful later on in order to recall the particular sale. There are different ways to document the amount of the purchase. The amount paid should be broken down into the certain segments that may include original price, discounts received and tax paid.

However, do include the total amount paid at the end to keep the record of that particular business deal. Discuss the method utilized for making a payment or a transaction, mention if the payments are being made using a credit card or through a cheque. We have also some exclusive printable credit card statements templates you may also see them.

Also mention the amount paid. As this is a receipt of advance payment so it requires the signatures of two witnesses that in a sense assure that certain business deal is done. They also keep an eye on the terms and conditions on which advance payment is given by any party. Similarly the signatures of both the receiver and the one who is making the payment should be there on the receipt that will assure that the deal is done in the presence of two witnesses. Basically an undertaking is also there on the receipt for advance payment that a particular payment is made by a particular company or individual. And after receiving that amount the body who is selling a property or a product give a limited authority of the product, property or a service to the buyer. Available also some more receipts such as sample advance booking receipts that can also convenient to make receipt quickly.

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