Pyramid Chart Sample

A Pyramid Chart is a graphical representation of the facts, figures and research material in form of a pyramid or a triangle. Within this triangle, there are different sections which divide the entire diagram into different parts. Each part indicates towards something different. You know that the width of each section changes along with the triangle and usually the width aren’t considered as an important element but when the situation is more complex and difficult to present in lesser words, the width is also considered as a part of the chart. The section with most width is considered as the important one and the part with shortest width is the one that can be overlooked.

Importance of Pyramid Charts:

This chart is also a very best tool to represent the seriousness of each problem when there are many of them. It is really a difficult task to address each problem in the same manner that they matter such as the most serious and crucial problem should be solved first and the least important one can be delayed. With pyramid chart, it is really easy to put each problem in a separate section and with the width of each section or the position of each problem in the diagram, the participants or team members can easily understand which problem should be solved on priority basis.

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Pyramid Chart Sample

Application of Pyramid Charts in Business:

Hierarchy is something that counts the most in an organization’s structure and chain of command. It is really important that the staff within a company knows who to answer and whom to contact in case of any situation. In order to present the hierarchy in the best manner, the pyramid chart is the best way to do so. Due to the triangle and changing width within the diagram, it is really easy to present the head of the chain in the widest section and the junior staff members are presented in the shortest section. This can be other way around with the head of the company on the top and the junior staff in the bottom but that doesn’t happen very often. There isn’t any manner about using this technique in your company and it doesn’t matter what kind of business you run and if you have a small company or a huge one, you can use pyramid chart in any situation as long as it has some progressive order.

In business, when one wants to address a group of people, the best thing to do is to have a presentation for the entire staff in the office. This way you don’t need to go and talk to each one of your employees and you can communicate with them at the same time without wasting time with each one of them. To present different strategies, plans, objectives, projects and researches, companies and businesses use different techniques and tools. These tools are usually known as charts, diagrams and graphical representations. Pyramid chart is one of these techniques or representation diagrams that companies use for their routine meetings.

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