Election Poster Template

In many schools, colleges and workplaces, it’s an annual thing that all the members or students have to choose a head of the department that is supposed to lead them and speak for them in any kind of situation. This is the one who called president of a particular committee and represents the rest in an event or social gathering of people. Just like that when the government is about to serve for its duration, it’s time to vote for new government. This is called election in which two or more person fight for a designation or position by convincing people to vote for them and to reject the opponent. In order to tell the people about you, your agenda and future plans, you make election posters. An election poster is type of a flyer which is hanged on the walls in the entire city of a specific building to tell the people about a person who has nominate himself for the position and wants to share his ideas with the public to convince them to vote for him.

There are many ways to tell people about you and your agenda in the elections but the most effective way is to make posters. Here you need just an hour to design it and then you can make thousand copies in another hour. This way, it’s easy to make and easier to distribute in a selected population. For example if a person is running a campaign for student of the year nomination or head of the department contest, he needs to tell the students of the related department and there is no need to tell the whole school about the election or voting who doesn’t have to do anything with it. This way you can make these posters and distribute them only in a specific department.

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Election Poster Template

General guidelines to create an election poster:

  • First of all you have to find how many posters you are allowed to hang in the school, college or any other workplace. You can ask the person in charge of the elections like principal, supervisor or any other person in the authority. Also you have to make sure where the posters will be hanged and where you are not allowed to put the poster. This affects the printing process of the posters.
  • Then make a rough sketch on a paper to make sure that you remember everything and there is enough room for all the information.
  • If you are allowed and you want, you can put a picture on the poster. A picture says thousand words and you don’t have to write a lot if you are using a picture.
  • Below that put your name or the name of nominee in bold letters.
  • Every election campaign is run with some kind of a slogan. Put your slogan or a general statement on the picture or below it in large fonts.
  • Then put all the names of those who are supporting you in this election and will be working for your success in the campaign. This is just a common way to appreciate their efforts.
  • Then write everything regarding the election such as the main purpose, the day when people will vote, the location and any other specification as per situation.

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