Campaign Poster Template

A campaign is something that is run by an individual or a group of people in which they share their views to the rest of the world or people around them and asks them to join for a specific cause. For example an election campaign is in which a person nominates himself for a government post like a minister or governor of a city and he wants to tell the people about the bad things about the present elected person and the good things he wants to do if he comes in power. A person who wants to get elected for a seat or position gets help from the general public who vote for him or if they don’t agree with him, they vote the opponent in the election. Although it’s a high level campaign which is run by group of political professionals but same happens when a student announces himself for head of the department in the school or college.

On the other hand, there are some other types of campaigns such as when general public gather around and protest for a specific reason or when a housing society wants to choose a president for the colony, they ask the residents to vote for their favorite person. When government does something wrong or bad, citizens want it to take the decision back and by running a protest campaign they inform the authorities that they are unhappy with the steps it took so they want them to take it back or undone the situation. For example mayor of a city announces that he is going to cut some trees to make room for new buildings and housing societies but people don’t want him to do that. So they run a campaign in which they all gather around and protest against that mayor. This way they force the mayor to take the decision back and leave the trees alone. This is done by telling the people or citizens of a city about the bad thing happening there and the best way to do that is to print and distribute campaign posters. This way all the people get to know about the present issue in hands and their role to solve that.

Here is preview of this Campaign poster Template created using Microsoft Word,

Campaign Poster Template

General guidelines to create a campaign poster:

  • First of all you need to find out the exact number of posters that you need or allowed in the campaign.
  • Then make a rough sketch on a paper to make sure that you remember everything and there is enough room for all the information.
  • If you are allowed and you want, you can put a picture on the poster. A picture says thousand words and you don’t have to write a lot if you are using a picture. You can put a general picture related to the event or a person who is leading the campaign.
  • Below that put your name or the name of nominee in bold letters.
  • Every campaign is run with some kind of a slogan. Put your slogan or a general statement on the picture or below it in large fonts.
  • Then put all the names of those who are supporting this campaign and will be working for it. This is just a common way to appreciate the effort of team members.
  • Then write everything regarding the campaign such as the main purpose, the day when people will protest, the location and any other specification as per situation.

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