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A dealer or realtor to sell that car or piece of property but that way you don’t know the actual value of the selling item and you have to accept what that dealer is offering you. The correct way is to announce that sale in public and see what people think of that what they have to offer. This way you have more chances that you will sale it at higher price as you involve more people and there will be competition just like an auction in which the value starts from a couple of hundreds and at last it gets sold in thousands.

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There are many ways to announce that sale around the city or few blocks such as using a social website which connects thousands of people or making sale flyers to distribute it to the people but all these methods are time consuming and most of the times you don’t get what you expected so what’s the best way to do that? Making sale posters is the most efficient way to make such an announcement and you don’t have to do much effort too.

A poster is a little different from a flyer as it’s bigger in size and you don’t need to handout it to each pedestrian but you can hand it to a public place like a bus station or underground subway where people can look at it while walking. The picture you print on it, attracts more people and on the given contact address, they call you and make their offers or ask if they can personally visit and see the selling item in person. There are many websites that offer to create this poster for you but if you want, you can make it by yourself. You just have to follow some simple rules such as:

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For Sale Poster Template

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For Sale Poster Template 01

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For Sale Poster Template 02

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For Sale Poster Template 03

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For Sale Poster Template 04

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For Sale Poster Template 05

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For Sale Poster Template 06

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For Sale Poster Template 07

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For Sale Poster Template 08

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For Sale Poster Template 09


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General Guidelines to Create a For Sale Poster:

  • Most important thing about this poster is that you can put the picture of the item you are selling. As a picture says thousand words so you don’t need to talk a lot about the features of car or its condition.
  • Take a good picture of that item from such an angle that brings out the best in it. The picture is the key element that will attract people to take interest and make an offer.
  • There is no need to put any price on the poster and let people decide what the market value of that item is.
  • Below the picture, put a small description of the selling item like its maker, model, purchase date and estimated usage by you.
  • Then if you want specify a duration when people can visit or if you are available 24 hour, just add that anyone can visit any time he wants.
  • At the end, put your contact information and the street address where people can visit and see that item personally.


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