Fragile “Handle With Care” Label Template

These day people prefer to shop online instead of going out and carry the stuff by themselves. This way they can order whatever they want and the supplier is bound to deliver the product at their doorsteps. Although it costs a customer a little more as he is required to pay for the shipment charges, but it eliminates the factor that he has to go out and search for the product he wants. This is the reason that shipment and cargo services are growing on a much faster ratio and as a cargo company has to deal with thousands of shipments on daily basis, it’s very difficult to handle everything in the way it’s supposed to. This becomes easier as the box is labeled with particular instructions such as “this side up” or “keep it cool”. A “handle with care” label is one of those labels which tell the carrier that the box contains fragile stuff so it is required to pay extra attention and place the box in a separate place.

It happens all the time that cargo staff treats all the parcels or packages in the same way without having knowledge that some of these boxes contain fragile or delicate stuff which will break if it’s smashed in the floor or a weight is put on that box. This is why it’s an essential step to label the box as fragile which tells the carriers to treat it in the way recommended by the supplier. As the supplier is the only one who is responsible to deliver the product safely to the customer, it’s not possible for him to take care or keep an eye on every box by himself so when he labels the box in this way, he asks the cargo staff to take care of it on his behalf. For example a box contains a LCD television which is so delicate that a single nail or a little pressure can damage the whole screen so when the box is labeled as “handle with care”, the carrier staff will load it and place it carefully so there is no damage to the body or the screen of the LCD.

Here is preview of a Free Printable “Handle With Care” Label Template created using MS Word,


General Guidelines to create “Handle With Care” Label for your Business:

  • Most of the companies use their own customized labels on which they also include some publicity data for their company. You should use this label to advertise your business in the general market by putting a short summary or logo of your company on the label.
  • Either the products are going outside or will be sitting in the storeroom for a while, it’s important to make the labels waterproof in order to make it tough enough that it faces the bad weather conditions such as rain or direct sunshine.
  • Start by putting your company’s name and logo on the top and then a slogan or statement about your products or services (if you have any) or if there is not enough space, you can put it in the background too.
  • Below that, put brief description of the contents of the box which is important for the cargo staff to know. You should consider putting the phrase “fragile goods, handle with care” in bold letters so it’s easily seeable by everyone.
  • Arrange for such printing paper for the label that sticks from one side and you don’t need to put any glue on it.
  • Put the label at the top or front side of the box depending upon the way it will be stored i.e. side by side or in shape of piles.

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