“Do Not Bend” Label Template

As it’s not possible to peek through a box to see what’s inside in there, one need to be provided with some kind or information slip or description paper which tells about the contents of the box and the way they are meant to be used or handled. This particular slip or paper is called a label. A label is something that tells about the included products of a parcel or box and the way they should be treated. For example if a box includes crystal product, the cargo staff won’t treat it in a particular way if they are not provided with any kind of label which says “fragile” or “delicate stuff”. In that same way a “do not bend” label is used to tell the shipment staff or end user to handle the box with extra care and not to bend it or put it on an uneven surface.

Sometimes it’s important to tell the end user about the kind of products he has just received as he can use it in a common way which will break or smash the inside contents. It’s not possible for the company to go to every single user to instruct them about the usage and handling of the product so a “do not bend” label is used to tell that person to handle it with great care. For example a box contains sheet of glasses or number or mirrors which can break if you try to grab it from one side or put it on a surface which has gaps. If the box shows a “fragile” or “do not bend” label, the person will grab it with extra care and won’t leave the bottom of the box unsupported. This is also very important if the company won’t accept any claims which is a handling fault by the user because this way the company frees itself and transfer the responsibility on another person.

Here is preview of a Free Printable “Do Not Bend” Label Template created using MS Word,

Do Not Bend Label Template

General Guidelines to create a “Do Not Bend” Label for your Company:

  • There are various companies out there which use this label to advertise their business or product in the general market and you should do so too.
  • Use your creative side and designs a unique kind of label which will distinguish you among others.
  • The shipment will go through a lot of circumstances such as bad weather or dampness at the sea so the label should be waterproof to bear all that.
  • Start the label by putting your company’s name and logo at the top along with a motivational slogan if you have any.
  • Then put information about the insides of the box and a statement such as “do not bend” which tells the shipper and the receiver to handle it with care and try not to bend the box. If the box should be placed on a balanced surface, you should add that too.
  • When you are done with the label, laminate it and place it on the top of the box. This way it’s easily accessible for cargo staff and the person at the other end.

Here is download link for the above shown “Do Not Bend” Label Template,
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