Volunteer Certificate Template

Many people only live to themselves doing what they do daily and staying disconnected from the rest of humanity living like a machine. But at the same time there are individuals who are more concerned about the people and life around them and are always eager to help wherever it is needed. These can be even young kids and also grownups that go to jobs daily and hardly find enough time for such activities. They do these chores without having any purpose of gains or other interests but for pure virtue and self-satisfaction. These are known as volunteers who work for the good will without any selfish or personal gain.

People of this category need to be appreciated although they do not need it, but still it is a good thing to provide for them in recognition to their good will and selfless service to the society. This sort of appreciation works both ways; first it appreciates and boosts the morale of the receiver of this appreciation, second it also urges other people to come forward and join hands with these people to make the world around them a better place to live. A volunteer certificate is one such document of appreciation most commonly used all around the world. There are several organizations which lead people for doing voluntary work and also recognize their efforts by issuing volunteer certificates. These certificates usually recognize the number of hours one has spent doing voluntary work for the welfare of the society. Volunteer certificates can be used for a few purposes as well. These can be presented at job interviews to give your side a little edge and showing your helpful nature to get the employer know better of you. Volunteer certificates also lead people for joining bigger organizations which are involved in doing greater volunteer works and also on international level.

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Volunteer Certificate Template

Volunteer certificates are designed by every organization for its volunteers. Most of these are non-profit and low budgeted non-governmental organizations working on their own. These certificates are designed by also some volunteer or they get it designed by some designer from the market. However if one knows a little about designing, then by following a few below mentioned tips, more bucks can be saved on certificate designing part by designing them on one’s own. Take a look at the following:

  • Volunteer certificates are mostly issued to youngsters, majority of them in schooling, so it needs to be made attractive. Start of by applying a colorful, nice and broad border on the boundary of the certificate.
  • These certificates are designed in landscape orientation.
  • The top most heading or main title comprises of organization name which issues the certificate following the title of the certificate as “Certificate of Recognition” or “Volunteer Work Certificate”.
  • A space is left for filling in the volunteer name in the appreciation statement of the certificate, where his or her services towards the community are recognized.
  • Certificate is signed by someone from the organization making it effective for any reference purposes.

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