Return Address Label Template

Unlike a few years back when people love to go out and shop by themselves, no w people prefer to shop online without going anywhere. There are thousands of websites on the internet which offer online shopping services and this way they deal cash on delivery process. As someone orders a product online, he asks the seller to deliver the product at his doorstep and in this process, he also accepts the shipment charges. Now it’s the responsibility of the seller to deliver the product by himself or hire a third party for this purpose.

By using the buyer’s address, the cargo company delivers the package on his doorstep but sometimes it happens that the buyer declines to pay for the product or simply the delivery address is wrong and the cargo company can’t deliver it to anywhere. For such kind of situations, the seller provides a returning address with the package which is used by the cargo company to deliver the product back to the vendor if the buyer denies paying for it or even receiving it. The paper which contains the returning address of the seller is called a return address label. It’s a piece of paper which is dispatched on the package or parcel and used by the cargo company.

Here is preview of this Free Sample Return Address Label Template created using MS Word,

Return Address Label Template

Most of the sellers use to work on COD or cash on delivery procedure which means that when the buyer receives the product, he verifies it and then pay for it. This way the seller gets his money when the cargo company deposits the money to his account which they received from the buyer. But the problem is that if the customer denies receiving the product or paying for it, the seller has to accept the loss in form of the shipment charges but the good thing is that he receives his product back. But if there is no return address on the package, where the cargo company is supposed to send the product and get their shipment charges? This is why it’s essential that every package should include both the buyer’s and seller’s addresses.

Guidelines to create a Return Address Labels:

  • Before you start creating the label, first you have to decide if you want the label in small size or on a full size paper.
  • Many companies use this type of label for advertising purposes so you can also use it in the same way by putting your company’s logo on it. This way you can introduce a unique type of label in the market.
  • This label will travel with the shipment and go through various types of situations like rain or direct sunlight. That’s why it’s important that you laminate the label or make it waterproof in some other way.
  • Then put all the necessary information on the label such as:
    • Name of the selling company along with its street address and contact number
    • The postal and zip code of that company’s city or state
    • The serial number of the shipment and the date it went into cargo
    • Any special instructions by the vendor for the carrier in case if no one receives the parcel.

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