File Folder Label Template

Offices and companies mainly work with documents and put awful lot data in the files which go on the pile of the existing ones. This is a very complicated procedure which makes it very difficult to find a specific file or document from hundreds of same looking files. This is where a file labeling system comes handy as it makes it easier and quicker to track a specific document and find the file containing it.

As the companies deal with number of clients, vendors, customers and other business partners on daily basis. They need to keep a record of all the documents in this process. Anyone can need it in the future at any time. If you are in office staff, you know that a single deal contains hundreds of different documents. Put these documents in files according to various categories and classification.

Free File Folder Label Template

If your office cabinet contains thousands of the same color and size files, you can’t find a specific file from that pile even if different files have different colors. This is why you need to label all the files with a unique serial number which later needs to be put in a log. This way when someone needs a particular document, he finds the file number that contains it and by looking into the log, he finds out that number and within a moment, finds out that particular file from the cabinet. You can use different colors for each kind of label that makes it much easier to point out a specific file just by looking at the color of its label.

There are many websites that offer to create these labels for you in exchange of a few dollars but if you don’t want to do that, you can create it by your own. There are number of software that you can install in your computer and use it to design file labels for your office.

Here is preview of this Free File Folder Label Template created using MS Word,

File Folder Label Template

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General Guidelines to create file labels for your office:

  • There are various types of file labels such as color coded, alphabetic, numeric, or combined and designations.
  • The type you want to use mainly depends upon your particular situation and amount of files you have to deal with. For example if you have less number of files, you can use numeric type and if you have hundreds of files, you can use a combined type which includes both alphabetic and numeric.
  • As you choose a particular type, you can start working on it. Each type has its own way of creation.
  • If you want to use simple labels, you can use it in any way where if you want to use color coded labels, you have to arrange for the colored papers.
  • There are some printing papers available in the market that doesn’t need to be glued or any other adhesive as it comes with a sticky side. You can arrange for that and if that paper is not available, you can use a common one and by applying glue on the back side you can dispatch it on the files.