Fragile – Keep It Dry – Label Template

Suppliers, who operate on online selling, send products to their customers via cargo or shipment, and they needs to provide information note with the parcel or box that enlists the insides of the box and specific instructions to handle or store the box such as “away from direct sunlight” or “this side up”. All of this information is written on a small piece of paper which is called a label. It is placed on the upper or front side of the box according to the way it will be shipped or stored.

Some of these labels are just a part of standard procedure where others play very important role in the shipment process. For example if a paint box isn’t placed in a cold room, it won’t matter much but a medicine box can’t be put in that manner without a freezer or cold atmosphere. A fragile label is a way to tell the carriers that the box contains delicate stuff. Therefore it is easily breakable and it’s required that the box is carried and placed with great care and delicacy.

Fragile – Keep It Dry – Free Label Template

As the box is labeled as “fragile” or “keep it dry”, it means that the box should be treated in the recommended way. When a customer orders something and wants the product on his doorstep, he puts his trust on the supplier and now it’s responsibility of him to deliver it safely. Now the supplier either delivers it by himself or hires a third party for this purpose. No matter what option he chooses, he has to make sure that the product is delivered in its original form without any damage or fault and to do so, he is required to place a fragile label on the box. This way he asks the cargo staff to treat this particular package with extra care.

It’s a standard procedure of shipment that parcels are being thrown into the storage area and the supervisor piles up the thousands of boxes which will ruin the inside of a fragile box if it’s not been treated the way it’s supposed to.

Here is preview of this Free Sample Fragile – Keep It Dry – Label Template create using MS Word,

Fragile Keep It Dry Label Template

Guidelines to create Fragile Label:

  • First of all you have to understand that the key purpose of a label is to provide necessary information to the receiver but you can also use it to advertise your business. This is why it’s important that you create your own customized label which should be unique.
  • The label should be made by some waterproof paper or you should laminate it in order to keep it safe during the shipment as it can easily be ruined by rain, dampness or direct sunlight.
  • Start with putting your company’s name and logo on the top or any of the upper corners and if there is no extra space on the label, you can put it in the background.
  • Then write the essential detail about the inside items such as if its glass, crystal or fragile or there is something that can be damaged by water. This way the cargo company and the receiver will have a clear knowledge to handle it with great care and not to put it near water.
  • There is a particular type of paper available in the market which is used to print labels. The best part about it is that it’s sticky from the back side and you don’t need to put any extra glue on it.

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