Stock Shares Certificate Template

The shares certification also known as stock certificate and certificate of stock is a legal document to acknowledge the ownership of a person for a specific number of shares in a firm. The large business organizations often issue shares to the general public, but the purchase of shares does not always mean that you will get shares certification, because if a private individual buy smaller number of shared, then he/she will not get the shares certification. Every country has its own rules and regulations regarding share certificate. For instance, in the United States, the electronic registration has replaced the need of stock certificates.

Stocks in the United States and Sweden

The companies in the United States have no need to issue paper share, because the broker has to bear $500 charges for issuing a paper certificate. The electronic securities held electronically in the account of broker just like a bank account. The paper-equivalent electronic share certificates are also issued by the both public and private companies.

The Sweden has no paper shares, because people largely use electronic shares that registered on the name of owner or the broker of the owner. The share certificates are only used for those shares that are not listed in the stock exchange in the Sweden. The share certificates are not so important in the Sweden; you just get the voting right in the general meetings.

The shares are traded at a physical location that is widely known as stock exchange. The importance of share certificate is based on the type of share, because in some cases the share certificate is really important for the stockholder, but in some cases it proves a piece of paper only.

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Stock Shares Certification Template

Types of Share Certificates

The share certificates are available in two different types, including registered stock and bearer stock. The registered stock certificate serves as a paper record for the ownership of specific number of shared. The transactions for the trade of these shared are tracked in a computer system. Do not worry about the lost or theft of the certificates, because the record can be retrieved from the database.

The other type is bearer shares that are issued by the company without any record of the ownership. These types of certificates belong to the person who has the possession of the certificate. The original owner of the bearer stock can be traced in case of any theft or lost.

Uses of Share Certificate

The share certificates acknowledge the actual portion of ownership of a shareholder in an organization. The shareholder also known as stockholder is entitled to a certain percentage of an amount in the assets of the company. This can be a cash amount, or an asset of the organization that can be sold for the cash. The liabilities of the company are totally opposite to its assets, and if the liabilities are subtracted from the assets, the remaining figure is known as the equity for the shareholders. It is also taken as the net worth of the company. Usually, the companies give a certain amount of dividend on their registered shared, but if the stockholder with bearer share wants to receive dividend payments, he should has shares certification.

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