Informal Meeting Agenda Template

An informal agenda template, as compared to the formal agenda template, is less complex and strick. There are many prominent features in the formal agenda template that are not a part of informal agenda template. The most pronounced one is the proper agenda.

As in the formal agenda, there is a good reason for the meeting. But, in informal meeting, the meeting is informally carried out without any proper target. Also, there is no one who chairs the meeting. Also, there are no meeting minutes in the informal agenda template. This type of informal meetings take place at informal places, unlike the formal meetings, such as, the restaurants, hotels, cafeteria, lawn, lounge, coffee shop etc.

The main idea behind the informal meetings is basically to make the two persons or may be more that are a part of that meeting feel comfortable. Everyone is free to speak without hesitation. In short, everyone is comfortable. This is the reason why the organization of the informal meetings is easy because there is formality to follow in it.

The main advantage of such type of meetings is that they allow the organizations to grow better as the workers have the free will to discuss the good and the bad things of the organization. It will help them to pinpoint them and improving them. This will help them in making a more stable and comfortable environment for working.

Here is preview of a good looking Informal Meeting Agenda Template to help you get started easily.

informal meeting agenda template

Key Elements in Informal Meeting Agenda Template:

There are certain things just that has to be in sequence to give a proper look to your informal agenda template. A balance must be there. It should not look like a randomly placed things on a piece of paper. It makes it both difficult and useless.

One must remember that the agenda is one that keeps us on track during our meeting. It also lets us know what is coming up next. But, there are some things that have to be in order in a informal agenda template besides the business that we are going to talk about in the meeting.

  1. The first thing is always the Call to Order. That means that the meeting is called to order.
  2. The second should always be the roll call. Through this you make sure that all the participants are in the meeting.
  3. The third one is the approval of agenda. The main point of having the approval of agenda is that may be something could change and you would need to add or subtract something. You might have the last minute to change  the agenda. So, in this moment, you will have to basically approve that this is the new agenda and this is how the meeting is going to go.
  4. After this, you will have the old business first, followed by the new business. This can also be broken down in to points further. It depends upon your need.
  5. The next thing is the announcement. It include anything that you want and need to announce, such as, when the next meeting will be etc.
  6. Adjournment is the last thing that you have to do.

So, you have to follow this sequence. The only thing that will change or a variable is how much new business and how much old business you have.

Here is download link for this informal meeting agenda template,