Radioactivity Caution Label Template

It’s a usual thing in laboratories and research institutes that when they work or experiment on radioactive materials or elements, sometimes due to a misuse or mishandling, these radioactive waves are emitted in outside atmosphere where they are very dangerous to the human beings. This is why these laboratories and institutes use to put a label outside such places where one needs to be extra careful due to radioactive material or if no one is allowed to enter in a facility without a particular costume to prevent the radioactivity. A label is a piece of paper which is placed on a product, parcel or something else to provide the specifications or details of that item. In laboratories, the supervisors use to put the radioactive label on the atomic reactor and its related facilities where no one is allowed to enter due to the risk of deadly radio waves.

There are times when these radioactive materials or elements are transferred to another place for research or analysis purpose, it’s necessary to provide information on the box or the package that it contains radioactive material and should be treated in the recommended way. This is also very important to safely deliver the product to its destination and to make sure the shipping or carrying staff is not in any kind of danger. Sometimes it happens that no matter how much they care, shipping companies break or smash the parcels or items. It’s not an uncommon thing when you have to take care of thousands of parcels on regular basis, sometimes a mistake happens but in this case, if there is a leakage of this radioactive material into the atmosphere, not it will harm that person who made the mistake but all the other people who are breathing in that air. For example a box is going to another country which contains uranium and it’s a highly radioactive element which should be placed inside a black box. But mistakenly if someone opens the box and contaminates the atmosphere, he won’t be the one to blame if there was no such a caution label on the box.

Here is preview of a Free Printable Radioactivity Caution Label Template created using MS Word,

Caution Radioactive Material Label Template

General Guidelines to create a Radioactivity Caution Label for your Business:

  • First of all you should need to decide whether you want to create just a simple caution label or a detailed piece of paper which also contains the damages of mishandling the radioactive element and the instructions if it gets leaked in the air.
  • As the label has to go through some tough situations, you should laminate the label or make it waterproof in some other way.
  • Start by putting a radioactive sign or icon on the top of the label which is a yellow colored fan type sign. It is the universal sign for radioactive so if someone doesn’t understand English, he will understand it by looking at the sign.
  • Then give a brief description about the insides of the package i.e. the material, its type, its quantity and its radioactivity amount.
  • You should put the words “caution” and “radioactivity” in bold letters so they catch the eye of a reader immediately.
  • Below that if you have any special instructions to include, put that in details.

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