Dangerous Goods Label Template

A label is a small piece of paper which contains the information about the inside items of a box and special instructions to handle the box. It’s not uncommon if the cargo staff or the receiver at the end has no idea about what is inside the box and what is the best way to handle it. There could be something very dangerous inside the parcel which could harm you or the kids around you. If you have ordered some kind of chemical or heavy tools for your workshop, it’s important that the vendor puts a caution label on the box which tells that the box includes some kind of chemical or sharp edge tools which needs to be handled with extra care and the one who is grabbing it, should support the box from the bottom too.

Putting a “dangerous goods” label on the box is just a way to make sure that the product arrives at its destination without hurting or injuring anyone. Without such a label it is possible if the person is putting his life in danger as we have heard so many stories about someone who was taking such a box causally and suddenly the box popped open from its bottom and the inside tools smashed his feet.

Free Dangerous Goods Label Template

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Dangerous Goods Label Template

The key purpose of using this kind of label is to make sure that the cargo staff and the person receiving on the other end are safe. It could happen to anyone that he doesn’t has any idea about the dangerous stuff inside the box which will harm him if he doesn’t use any safety measure such as gloves or gas mask. If the contents of the box or shipment include some chemical, acid, sharp or heavy tools which can harm a person if he doesn’t grab it carefully, it’s essential to tell him about that. For example if a box contains sharp knives which can cut through the box and injure the one who is grabbing them, the person won’t be that careful if he has no idea about the insides product or didn’t see any caution about the handling.

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Dangerous Goods Label Guidelines

General guidelines to create a “dangerous goods” label for your company:

  • Most of the companies use their own customized labels on which they also include some publicity data for their company too. You can also use this label to advertise your business in the general market by putting a short summary of your business on the label.
  • Either the products are going outside or will be sitting in the storeroom for a while, it’s important to make the labels waterproof in order to able it to face the bad weather conditions.
  • Start by putting your company’s name and logo on the top and then a slogan or statement about your products or services (if you have any).
  • Below that, put brief description of the inside goods which is important for the shipment or cargo staff to know. You should consider putting the phrase “dangerous goods” in slightly bold letters so it’s easily readable by everyone. This way you warn the people who are responsible to handle it so they don’t harm themselves by roughly gripping it.
  • Put the label at the top or front side of the box depending upon the way it will be stored i.e. side by side or in shape of piles.