CD/DVD Label Template

CDs have become the most convenient way to store digital data and to backup the important files from a computer or laptop. Whether it’s an office or a house, you will find hundreds of CDs and DVDs containing music, photos, movies and backup files regarding work. This way it’s not an easy job to track a CD from a pile of discs and when it’s very urgent to find a CD which contains important backup files, no one can find it if there is nothing written on the CD. This is why it’s very important that every CD and DVD includes a label which shows its serial number and contents so that when someone wants it or needs it, there won’t be any problem searching or tracking it.

A CD label is type of a sticker which is glued on one side of the disc on which the contents of the disc are written such as names of songs, photos naming the related event or the project name which files the disc contains. Those offices which mainly operate on these discs i.e. contain each and every bit of the data in the discs, give a unique serial number to every disc and write that number in a register along with the contents of the disc. Now when someone needs a disc, the data entry staff finds the serial number of that disc and finds the disc within moments.

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CD/DVD Label Template

If you look around, you can’t even find a single disc without a label because then it’s not possible to say if it’s a new disc or already burned unless you put it in the drive. If you purchase a movie or any software from the market, you see that the disc comes with a label that includes the name of the movie or software and if it’s a music album, it includes the names of the tracks. But this happens when you buy a registered copy of something where if you want to burn the disc by yourself, you get a simple disc without any label or logo. Now it’s your job to arrange for a label to put on it. There are many websites that offer to create a CD or DVD label and you don’t have to pay a lot but if you want, you can make the label by yourself. It may sounds like a complicated process but it’s not and you only have to follow some simple guidelines such as:

General guidelines to create a CD or DVD label for your home or office:

  • First of all you have to decide whether you want a simple label or want to print some images or graphics on the cover too. Simple labels are used in offices and work related files which only contain a serial number and the written contents where a personal label can include customized images or graphics if you are creating the label for a CD at home.
  • Also if you are making professional CDs, you have to put a trademark of your company on the label too.
  • You need to install a program in which you don’t have to do much effort otherwise if you want you can use MS word or excel but in that case, you will have to work more.
  • Put the name of the CD in bold font and then below, put the contents of the disc such as if it contains images, family videos or data files related to office.

You can arrange for a special kind of paper which is used to print CD labels. If you use that printing paper, there is no need to put glue as it sticks itself to the CD.

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