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School Menu Templates 2020- 2021

School going kids require more attention in every aspect especially their diet plan and physical activities. The childhood obesity rate is climbing day-by-day therefore it is important to pay attention to the healthy diet of children. Wrong and unhealthy food items served in the cafeteria of schools can spoil the health of your child so it is your responsibility to cook healthy lunch items for your kids.

Healthy food items cost more as compare to unhealthy food items therefore cafeterias of the schools opt for unhealthy food choices. It is the responsibility of the administration to discourage unhealthy food items by providing healthy food items to kids. You can make this work easily with the use of a well-planned school menu.

Free School Menu Templates With Prices

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School Breakfast Menu

FDA (Food and Drug Administration) sets some requirements for the breakfast meal of the schools to provide complete nutritional value to school kids. Breakfast meal items should provide protein, calcium, iron, and vitamin to kids. They have advised reducing 30 percent caloric contents from the breakfast meal. According to these requirements, the schools should offer fruit, juice, milk, eggs, meats, and toasts at breakfast.

School Menu Template 01

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School Menu for Lunch

FDA states that the lunch should offer 33.3 percent of protein, calcium, vitamins, iron, and proteins. You can include fresh fruits and vegetables to increase the choices for school kids. You can include baked meals, colorful vegetables, fruits, and different other foods according to the nutritional requirements of kids.

School Menu Template 02

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Available here an eye-catching theme with attractive color combinations. Just download and customized it as per School requirements.


School Menu Template 03

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Sandwich Bar

The School menu should offer different choices to students to develop healthy eating habits in the students. Include healthy choices such as vegetable and wheat sandwiches with turkey fillings. You can include Swiss cheese in the sandwich that is a lighter option. It is the best opportunity to include fresh vegetables like cucumber, tomatoes, onion, etc. These are healthy and fat-free ingredients for the better health of children. Do not forget to include healthy desserts in the school menu to satisfy the cravings of students without providing them unhealthy and fatty ingredients.

School Menu Template 04

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School Menu Template 05

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Disguised School Menu

It will be good to try some playful dishes to include in the school menu as these kinds of foods feature healthy ingredients in different ways. You can prepare turkey meatloaf in cake style and can serve it with ketchup filling made of raspberry and cauliflower. Banana coated with sugar-free syrup will provide a healthy substitute for unhealthy and fattening food items. You can prepare brownies without added fat, oil, and eggs to provide a healthy substitute to kids.

School Menu Template 06

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Vegetable Muffins and Pasta Salad

Vegetables should be a part of children’s diet but they do not like to take vegetables therefore you have to try some creative tricks to make them eat vegetables. You can prepare vegetable muffins with sweet mixtures for a healthy addition to the diet of kids.

School Menu Template 07

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Breaks are essential for you to get refreshed and learn effectively. Wouldn’t it be nice seeing an attractive and delicious menu? This red-pink themed menu can be completely customized and is easy to understand.

School Menu Template 08

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This elegant and graceful school menu would help to bring more enhancements to the school’s cafeteria. This is a black and yellow themed attractive school menu professionally designed to help you enhance the cafeteria side and give a brief description of each food item.

School Menu Template 09

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This simple and attractive school menu would be easy to understand and gives you the option to write the school’s name as well. This template consists of 3 categories on the left side and one category on the right side. You can add snacks, soups, and salads, other menu items, and drinks as well on the menu. This template can easily be customized as well.

School Menu Template 10

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Children like to make colorful pasta salad so it is another way to trick kids to eat vegetables. You can use cheese, sale, and pepper to add additional flavor to the pasta. It will be good to use colorful vegetables to add crunchy and colorful texture to the pasta salad. It will be a healthier lunch for the kids.