Character Certificate Template

Character certificate is used to attest the personality and behavior of a person in an organization, institute, society or community.  Character certificate clearly explains the past behavior of a person according to the understanding of the certifying authority among whom the individual has spent the past time. The basic purpose of character certificate is to inform briefly about the natural, social and community behavior of a person to the upcoming organization, university or society among whom a person has to spend his future time.
Another important type of character certificate is the certificate assigned to an individual by police department of his residing area to certify the previous or current convictions or court punishment against him. After verification from the police department, a document is issued to the person containing his criminal act details if there is any.

Character certificate is usually demanded by an organization to check the past behavior or performance of a person while giving job to him. A country may demand character certificate along with visa application to check the past criminal activity of a person. A university or institute may request for the character certificate of a student to know about his past performance and educational activities.

Certifying authority of character certificate depends on the nature of the character certificate. It may be police department in case of criminal certification requirement or a university registrar office if university character certification of the person is required. Other charter certifying authorities may include the human resource (HR) department of an organization or a political position holder of a community. It is the obligation of the character certificate issuing authority to provide correct information in the certificate.

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Character Certificate Template

What should be the content of a character certificate? A character certificate must have following important parts

  • Complete Name of the certified person
  • Address or identification
  • Designation
  • An explanation of character
  • Name and signature of certifying authority

A character certificate may have optionally bio data form containing the personal details of the individual for the purpose of correct and exact identification of the individual. The explanation of the character may include the detailed information about the behavior and performance of the person. Similarly a character certificate may include the stamp or logo of the certifying authority optionally in order to ensure the authentication and security of the certificate and certifying authority. The signatures or a standard certificate can also be used for this purpose accordingly.

The sample or format of a character certificate may vary department to department according to the requirements of the information in character certificate. Usually the police department of a country has a standard format which will be followed throughout the country. Other charter certificate indorsing authorities also follow a standard format but it may vary in different organizations and institutes.

As concluding remarks, a character certificate is a document containing complete identification of the person and explanation to authenticate the character of a person. It may include best wishes comments for the person.

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