DVD Menu Template

DVD is one of the famous digital products that is easy to make at home and provides an easy way to additional earnings to an amateur videographer. It allows customers to add some elegance to their creation and the DVD menu is really important to create. It is the era of VHS in which the viewers want pop in a cassette and good quality movie from start to end. Ordinary videotapes carry blooper reel and this can irritate viewers. DVDs are modern digital formats that feature expedient rewinding and forwarding. It helps you to access digital files independently therefore these are usually preferred by users. DVD creation is not enough because without DVD menu the users cannot navigate and access the movies or documentaries.

Here is preview of this DVD Menu Template created using Microsoft Word,

DVD Menu Template

Tips to Design DVD Menu

DVD menu is an important part of DVD designing and following are some tips to design an effective DVD menu:

Prepare a list of contents available on the DVD and start with most important content like main episode or movie following by the addition of functional peripherals like language, tracks and subtitles. You can add some extra features like deleted scenes, audio documentary and film making scenes. All these points should be divided in the categorical menus such as main menu, special features menu and language option menu.
You can store whole information in the directory of DVD but do not forget to name each location and folder with background image to make your work perfect. You have to set the pixel ratio to 720 x 576 for PAL setting but if you are using NTSC setting then the ratio will be 720 x 480 pixels. You have to draw a new image in the program and for this purpose it will be easy to import photo stills from the movie or documentary. Give artistic title to your work with the use of available program fonts. You can save the projects in JPEG format to use as the directory background of DVD.
It is time to add your designed image in the DVD so import it from the main menu and add different functions and all files in the DVD. It will include movies, episodes, songs, cartoons and subtitles. You can add additional options in the DVD menu but make sure to design drop down menu with all important options in a queue.
Create text buttons to play and stop the movie for the user friendly orientation of the DVD. Write file name in the main menu and sub menus according to your needs to make the DVD easy to operate. Always pick least number of menu screens to keep everything organized. Place all special features in the main menu to provide easy navigation options to the viewers.
You can carry out all fundamental functions with DVD authoring programs available to include extra features in the DVD. It will enable designers to make the DVD as user friendly as they can to increase the interest of their target market.

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