Research Proposal Template

A Research Proposal is a document written to present the details of the research work or study. It is actually an outline which depicts the theme of the proposed work or upcoming research of a researcher. Nowadays the research proposal is written for various certifications, for obtaining funds for the research projects and also an important requirement for obtaining admissions in some especial course of study or some fellowships. It has been always an important way to present the works by a researcher on public forum. A research proposal is always written by focusing a particular objective of its use and therefore phrased according to that objective.

The major objectives of any Research Proposal are;

  • To elaborate the question that is to be investigated by the respectively designed study.
  • To give an account of the related research efforts by other people relating to that study.
  • To provide the necessary data related to that research.
  • To provide the researcher a management plan of the proposed study
  • To summarize the calculations of the costs and expenses on that research project in order to evaluate the funds that are required to carry out that study.

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Research Proposal Template

There are different types of the research proposals on the basis of the complexity level of the proposals;

Simple Proposals

These are the proposals which are specifically designed to focus for exploratory study.

Common level complex proposals

These are the proposal which focus the small scale study. Usually they are written for small scale business analysis or solutions.

Most Complex Proposals

These are the proposals which present the large scale professional studies costing millions of the dollars. These are important from accuracy point of view because they involve a huge level of investment.

The phrasing of the research proposal is done in future tense as it is to represent the study which is to be carried out in future. The research proposal is much similar in style to that of the scientific articles as they also present the study but which already has been done or validated.

The important sections of any research proposal should address the problem statement, scientific background of that problem, the significance methods to be applied for the analysis of that problem, the data analysis methods and budgets along with the relevant references. The detailed account on all these sections should be enough to provide each and every minute detail of the proposed study but in a limited way. It should be devoid of any sort of the extra information.

The major advantage of the research proposal for a researcher is that it helps the researcher to;

  • Have a review of the proposed study in a systematic way.
  • The relevant research approaches and their selection as a background and literature review clarifies further his future research orientations and objectives
  • To plan and collect the answers of the relevant questions which may come across to him as a result of his proposed work presentation
  • To focus time and budget management

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