Catering Menu Template

Catering menu is really different from local menus because it is not designed to offer at the restaurants. These are specifically designed according to the nature of events and priorities of customers. It contains list of food items, prices per person and package deals. It is necessary for all caterers to have flexible catering menu so that your customers can easily choose from different choices. Your menu should contain menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner appetizers or coffee. Catering menu will help you to ace your catering services otherwise it will be a biggest challenge for you to plan without menu. A well structured catering menu can save your time and cost because it will let you know what to buy and when to buy.

It is an important task for caterers to design a catering menu and in order to bring perfection in your work; you have to consider the preferences of your guests and clients. Health, medical conditions, eating habits, meal portion and nature of event matters a lot so do not forget to consider all these. You can create a questionnaire for your clients because it will make easy for you to determine their preferences and best approach to design healthy menu.

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Catering Menu Template

Tips to Design Catering Menu

  • In first step, discuss menu requirements with your client even if you are allowed to take the decision about food items. Do not forget to consider special dietary restriction and food preferences of guests.
  • Determine the number and ages of guests to find out accurate food quantities and size of meal and light snack. If you are planning a meal then it will be necessary to plan several courses to facilitate all.
  • For buffet of hors douvers, you have to plan different items with a whole sum of four to ten pieces per person, according to the expected amount of food.
  • Keep variety of dishes in your menu with a perfect combination of sweet and savory dishes. Include some rich and some lighter items according to the weather and gathering of people.
  • Full dinner menu should feature multiple options that are cooked differently so that each guest can get dish of his/her choice. You can consider different traditional cuisines to please your guests.
  • You cannot forget health conscious and vegetarian people so include some special dishes in your menu to facilitate all kinds of people. Keep a perfect combination of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.
  • If you are not instructed from your clients then it will be good to include salad and steamed vegetables with butter and bacon as additional toppings.
  • Do not forget to consider time and money because these are necessary to design an ideal catering menu.
  • Make sure to serve fresh food items to your guests and for this purpose it will be good to arrange refrigerators and microwaves at your space.
  • It will be good to design your specialized catering menus to persuade clients to hire your services. Your portfolio will help your clients to make a decision in your favor.

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