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Italian food is great cuisine and liked by the people around the world. You know! Italians are very serious in their food traditions because they have a rich food culture. So there is not a special art for preparing Italian food but it is also an art to eat Italian food. Italian food culture is developed over many years. Some common features of Italian foods include quality, simplicity, health/nutrition, fantasy and traditions. Common Italian foods include all types of Pasta, Pizza, meat and some fish dishes. But here we will discuss some of famous and special foods of Italy food culture that people of other regions want to enjoy.

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Italian Menu Template

White Truffles are famous food of Italy that is found in certain internal regions of Italy.

Parmesan Cheese is also one of special food items used in Italian food dishes. The original name of this cheese is Grana. It is hard regular cheese that is used after grating in meat and fish dishes.

Risotto is another Italian food dish that can be flavored in different ways. Basically it is a rice dish and rice is cooked in meat or fish broths. Consistency of this dish is creamy and gives delicious and juicy taste. Butter, onion and Parmesan cheese are basic ingredients to cook Risotto. Famous Risotto recipes are alle Romana and alla Milanese.

Italian food is commonly based on different types of soups and Minestrone is special Italian soup that is prepared of vegetables, beans, rice, pasta and potatoes. Tomatoes, celery, carrots, beans and onions are main ingredient of Italian Minestrone.

Zuppa di Pesce is special fish stew that is prepared with fresh and local ingredients. It is also called Italian fish soup.

Zuppa di Cozze is not really a soup but it is cooked in the same way and served with tasty sauce of white wine, garlic and Italian Parsley.

Italians are distinguished between red and white pizza. However all types of pizzas are special Italian fast food item that has now get international fame.

Tiramisu is special Italian dessert that is prepared with coffee-soaked sponge cake and mascarpone cheese.

Lambardy and Veneto is most traditional food of Italy that is prepared of corn flour. It was main food of poor people of Italy but now it is given in restaurants as traditional dish of Italy.

If we talk about spices and herbs used in Italian foods, they are not very special and typical. I have mentioned earlier in my discussion that simplicity is one of main features of Italian foods. Spices that are most commonly used in Italian foods include vinegar, olive oil, parmesan cheese, black olives and pine cornels. All these spices add delicate taste to Italian dishes. Italian food is not very spicy that’s why it is liked by the people around the world.

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