Maintenance Agreement Templates

I offer these 10+ Free Maintenance Agreement Template in Microsoft Word to start preparing your own official agreement quickly. You may also visit here if you want to explore more Service Contract Templates.

A maintenance service contract can be defined as a document that is written by the producer of a product or service to set the terms of agreement with the buyer of the product. The buyer or client is a consumer of the service or product of yours and has a warranty for the mechanical gadget he is going to use. Otherwise, it can be someone who hired someone for repair and maintenance services.

What is a Service Maintenance Agreement?

Basically, the main purpose of a maintenance service contract is to set terms and conditions with the customer for repair and service. Moreover, it should also elaborate on the fees and charges for the facilities being offered by the provider. The availability and customer care centers and contacts of the service provider are also included in a maintenance service contract. By means of a maintenance service contract, customer loyalty is generated since a service contract brings an amicable relationship and builds the communication bridge.

It is possible to forget about a person’s Heating up, Ventilating, as well as Air-con (Air conditioning) technique until eventually it’s not necessarily holding your surroundings because at ease mainly because it should. If you live inside Atlanta, this can be a true problem in the humid and hot summer season. Designed preservation can certainly help the Woodstock Heating system to hold anyone dependably at ease throughout the summer season along with performing best in all climates and seasons all-around.

Free Maintenance Agreement Template Word

You should truly be thinking about no less than a couple of checkups of the Air conditioning apparatus yearly. One test needs to be over the springtime, while heat usually is modest, to determine the air-con procedure. Other really should be while in the slip to check the heating system in addition to warm air humidifier technique prior to a weather condition obtains chilly.

Here is preview of this Maintenance Agreement Template,

Maintenance Agreement Template

Through using these guidelines, it will be possible to name precisely the type of Air conditioning service company you need carrying out thought out the repair in your program. Along with, by having structured servicing conducted, one’s Heating system lasts lengthier and also operates a lot more reliably.

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Preventive Maintenance Agreement: Its main aim is to maintain a proper level of service on the assets and it works systematically. It can determine problems even if symptoms are not shown for problems.

Maintenance Agreement Template 01

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Here we present the 2020 Annual Maintenance Agreement Template. Download this and make your Agreement as per your requirements.

Maintenance Agreement Template 02

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Overhaul Maintenance: The goal is to see and review asset intervals before the occurrence of any kind of failure. This is conducted when the equipment is new, that is, at the zero hours of the equipment.

Maintenance Agreement Template 03

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Corrective Maintenance: These maintenance agreements tasks aim to correct all the defects that are found in the assets and convey it to the maintenance department.


Maintenance Agreement Template 04


  • Predictive Maintenance: Its goal is to constantly check the machines and keep predicting the possible defects and the problems and always try to keep technical resources available in advance.

Maintenance Agreement Template 05

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General Maintenance Agreement Templates

A written document containing a list of terms on which a maintenance service provider and the clients agree on is called a maintenance contract. There are a few basic terms and conditions in every contract which is signed between them. Below these terms are explained.

Having The Scope of The Coverage:

The list of equipment is mentioned on the first page covering any adjustments related to labor, repair, material, and the replacement of the asset. Only the owner of the company has the power to change the terms and the conditions of the job contract.

The Mastery of Reading Meter Information:

The client should be able to provide all the reading on time to the office. If the client fails to do so, the company sends its own maintenance office to check the meter and record the readings.

Service Calls:

Specific timings are mentions when the maintenance office will be available to check the faults and repair them.

Salary Of The Maintenance Officer:

When the contract is being signed the salary is decided and agreed upon by both the parties (person being appointed and the boss). Depending upon the job description the salary is decided. It can be on a monthly basis or a weekly basis.

Contract Duration:

The time duration for the job contract is mentioned in the agreement. It can be of a few months and or years depending upon the specialization in the work.


Under this heading in the contract, certain conditions are mentioned of when and why a maintenance officer can be terminated.

General Information:

General information regarding the company is given in the contract so that the person being appointed as a maintenance officer in the company should have ample information as he/she will be a part of the organization as soon as the contract is signed. There are more well-created Maintenance Agreement Templates in MS Word. You can easily edit them and can draft a quick agreement.

Maintenance Agreement Template 06

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  • Failure-finding Maintenance Agreement (FFM): these detect failures that are hidden. As the equipment will be function normally you will not know if it’s still functioning. Once you have detected the failure now you will have to repair it as soon as possible to maintain its long life and at a fixed time.

Maintenance Agreement Template 07

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  • Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM): Physical evidence is needed to identify the reoccurrence of a failure. This type of maintenance agreement includes the proper monitoring of an asset.

Maintenance Agreement Template 08

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  • Risk-Based Maintenance Agreement (RBM): When you use the remaining meantime resources for the assets. This can have high level of risks and to maintain the proper life of the equipment you have to frequently do inspections and maintain it. These inspections are usually applied to vessels. Your aim should be to reduce the level of risk in an efficient way.

Maintenance Agreement Template 09

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Maintenance Agreement Template 10

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In every industry, maintenance is a major operation and is a necessary department. Machines are used in all kinds of industries either they are human-centered or fully machine-centered. Machines require to be inspected after some specific time.

Detecting failures, problems and parts that need repairing on time will help the equipment or an asset to work for a longer time period. Moreover, maintaining machines will help them work efficiently, that is, more products and services will be produced in less time period which will enhance the productivity level of the industry.






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