Thanksgiving Menu Template

Thanksgiving feast requires special preparations in advance therefore if you are responsible to prepare thanksgiving feast then it is essential to start your work with thanksgiving menu. An effective menu will help you to prepare shopping list for ingredients that are required to prepare thanksgiving meal. It is important to design so that you can prepare everything before time by purchasing required ingredients. It is a creative way to design a thanksgiving menu according to the type of party or objectives of your restaurant. Thanksgiving menu should contain each and every thing to entertain guests as well as customers. It will be a first step toward your thanksgiving party or restaurant business where you will serve thanksgiving meals. It will be quite interesting and creative idea to design a thanksgiving menu after considering the preferences of your guests.

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Thanksgiving Menu Template

Tips to Design Thanksgiving Menu

Thanksgiving menu should be designed in advance to reduce your efforts and to throw a wonderful party and for this purpose following are some tips to design a thanksgiving menu:

Turkey for Thanksgiving Meal

Turkey is an important item for the thanksgiving meal so does not forget to include it in the thanksgiving menu with stuffing. You should arrange everything like buy ice-covered turkey many days ago to a week in advance to allow its proper defrosting. If you want fresh turkey then arrange it before thanksgiving meal and for this purpose, talk to your grocer in advance to provide you fresh turkey on time. One pound turkey is enough for one person so estimate the weight of bird according to the number of guests. Use different spices, seasoning, peppercorn and salt to marinate turkey before party time. You can use different options to stuff turkey with vegetables or dry fruits and shop for it in advance by making a list of grocery items.

Side Dishes for Thanksgiving Meal

You can include backed or mashed potatoes with mixture of milk and butter, yams with brown sugar and pineapple juice, cranberries with cranberry sauce, green bean casserole with crispy onion and mushroom soup and dinner rolls.

Desserts for Thanksgiving Menu

Pumpkin pie is a good choice as the dessert for thanksgiving meal as you can prepare it with pie coating or flour, unsalted margarine, pumpkin crush and pumpkin pie flavor. You can buy readymade pumpkin pie too if you are throwing a thanksgiving party at home.


A separate section of beverages is necessary to satisfy all guests and in this section you can stock up coffee, regular or diet soda, caffeinated, beer, wine, brandy, sparkling water and spring water. You can add more options in this section according to the taste and the preferences of your guests.

Final Precautions

Carefully read the menu, prepare list of all grocery items and then shop them in advance. Do not forget to check the expiry date on each item to provide fresh and healthy food items to each guest. Start your preparations a week before the party to have a wonderful party bash on the time of thanksgiving party.

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