All Purpose Food Menu Template

All purpose food is the type of food that is balanced and contains almost all the necessary nutrients for survival. Different vegetables and fruits contain only few vitamins and nutrients and are good for only few deficiencies. But all purpose food is healthy as it provides nutrition in a balanced manner. It meets the highest potential requirements of the body including wheat, corn, rice, flour and pulses. So their menu would contain their prices per kg.

Although such menu cannot be customized to a large extent but still there is enough room to alter it according to the needs and requirements of target market. Every supermarket needs to have these items on its shelves, because one of these is almost always used in one of the meals. Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. Corn flakes are made of corn and bread is made of wheat and so on and so forth. In third world countries where wages are lower than average, people mostly consume wheat and rice. The reason being that it fulfills their nutritional requirements at a reasonable cost. In first world countries where people earn 80% of the total income have other sources as well for meeting their nutritional requirements. So they do not prefer wheat and rice on other food items that results in decreased demand for such items. Whereas countries where there consumption is high have high demand and this is the sole reason why agriculture is the major occupation in these countries.

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All Purpose Food Menu Template

All purpose food menus are quite distinct from other types of menus. Because only few items that belong to the category of all- purpose are included in it. And prices are usually mentioned in kilograms because these commodities are available in market in kgs. All-purpose food menus can also be placed at different locations in the store. Like alongside the shelves or at the main entrance. But countries where such food items are consumed at a high rate have no formal all-purpose food menus. People get to know about their prices informally through word of mouth. But in posh areas where people are educated demand menus for such items also.

Designing of all-purpose food menus is also an easy task as compared to other type of menus. Because its contents are somewhat simple and there is no need to do research as to what dishes to be included and what not to. All-purpose food items along with their prices are mentioned and that’s most probably it. This task of designing them is so easy that there does not arise a need to outsource it. Neither store owners can make it by themselves as neither a lot of time is spent nor money in this. But it does give a very organized look to the store. Also customers find it easy for their shopping.

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