Cafe Menu Template

Cafes are established to entertain people with a cup of coffee and different other appetizers including pastries, sandwiches, salads etc. Café menu is one of the most important components because it is a way of communication between you and your customers. Without menu, you cannot imagine to entertain your customers therefore a well drafted menu is necessary for the success of your business. It is really easy to design café menu with the use of desktop publishing program. A well structured café menu will help you to show your full potential to customers. Your café menu should include attractive images to tempt customers so carefully select everything. Currently, all cafes have classic menu to facilitate their customers with standard fonts and images.

In order to get maximum benefits from your efforts, you have to decide everything in advance so sketch your all ideas on first step. Select ideal menu such as casual menu, small-town farm menu, artsy menu or a classy menu. Type of your café menu will be based on the nature of your project. You can classify your menu in different categories including appetizers, entrees, desserts and beverages. Write down everything on paper to have a perfect design for your café menu because right combination of images and text description is necessary.

Here is preview of this Cafe Menu Template created using Microsoft Word,

Cafe Menu Template

Tips to Design Café Menu

  • Café menu is important part of your café business so designing it on first preference. Open a desktop publishing program according to your convenience and create a new document.
  • Set page margins about 1 ½ inches to get perfect layout for your café menu. You can use fancy border to increase the charisma of your café menu.
  • It is necessary to include tempting images in the menu next to the text description of food items because this will help customer to make decision.
  • It is really easy to insert text in the café menu with the help of text box tool. You can easily adjust page margins if you want to include headings including name of café and logo on the top of the menu.
  • It is necessary to write name of your café with visible font on visible place followed by address, contact numbers and email address.
  • Include food elements on your menu and create a perfect heading for each section so that reader can easily search require food item. Keep all headings bold to highlight major menu of your café.
  • Font type and font size matter a lot so carefully choose both to make your menu user friendly. Size of your font will be based on the choices you have in your menu but 14 to 20-point font is considered ideal.
  • Type names of dishes with description of two to three words about dish to make it appealing. Focus on key ingredients of the dish to increase the temptation of your customers.
  • Take images of food items with your digital camera to make your menu more appealing. Place images of food items near the name of food item so that customers can easily take decision.
  • Write price of each food item along its description to make it convenient for your customers to take decision according to their budget.

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