Wedding Plan Template

Wedding is the most important event or celebration for any of the person either he is a Muslim or a Christian or belongs to any other religion. Around the world, a wedding event is considered as the most beautiful and wonderful event of all the celebrations. Yes this day is most important for the happy couple who is going to be married but it is also very important for their family members, relatives and friends who will share the happy moments with them. This is why it is important that you plan your wedding in a proper way so that everything is in order and taking place as considered before.

Wedding is a big event and it is not only an event that includes welcoming people, ask them to stay and saying “I do” by both ends but it has more to do. Wedding is the most important social event in which families and friends sit together, enjoy good time and share their stories with each other. Usually people don’t have time to visit their relatives and friends due to the work situations but when there is a wedding in the family, everyone knows that he needs to be there because it is the time when everyone else will be there and he can meet with all of them under one roof. Due to the importance of this day and, people usually hire wedding planner to plan the wedding but these planners are very expensive and in case, you want a small wedding or working with limited budget, you can also plan your own wedding.

Here are the steps that you need to consider in order to Plan a Wedding:

  1. Define when the Wedding is:
    This is the most important step that you need to consider. Before starting the planning, get to know how many days you have before the big day and this way, you can effectively divide your tasks on each day.
  2. The people you want to invite to the Wedding:
    Guests are also very important for a wedding and when you want to invite a lot of people, you need to send them invitations at least 1 month prior to the wedding so that they can reply with a definite yes or no.
  3. The people who RSVP with yes:
    Once you have sent the invitation, it is time to wait for their replies and then you can see how many people will actually be there in your wedding and this will make your planning way easy when you know the definite number of incoming guests to the wedding.
  4. Location of the Wedding:
    Location or venue of the wedding depends on how many guests are coming to the wedding. For example, if there will be less than 50 guests, you can plan it in your back or front yard but if there are more, you need a more open place.
  5. Seating plan for the guests:
    Now it is time for the seating plan and you when you know the number of incoming guests, you can easily arrange for their seats and table in the wedding venue. You also have enough time to make groups of people who will be interested in sitting with each other.
  6. Decorations (i.e. floral arrangements):
    This includes the decorations plans i.e. the flowers, centre pieces and other decorative items that will make the wedding more perfect and dreamy. You can easily choose your favorite type and color of flowers.
  7. Meal plans:
    Food is also very important for the wedding plan and to make the meal arrangements, you need to think of all the people and their preferences. No matter what kind of food you order and what are the items in the order, wedding cake is essential for the wedding ceremony and don’t ever forget that.

Wedding Plan Template:

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Wedding Plan Template

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