Drinks Menu Template

It will be quite exciting to open a drink bar or juice bar but like all other businesses it also requires the full attention on each and every detail. The most important part of your business is drinks menu because it is the only way to communicate about your offered drinks, services and special packages to the customers. Menu is very important because it has first stop of information for the potential customers and grab their attention toward your business as well as offered services. Drink menu is an important part of formal restaurant menu and sometimes this type of menu is designed to cater a private dinner party. Success or failure of your drink bar will largely depend on the quality of drink menu. There are number of factors that should be considered while designing a drinks menu.

Here is preview of this Drinks Menu Template created using Microsoft Word,

ks Menu Template

Tips to Design Drinks Menu

Following are some important tips that will help you to design a drinks menu according to the nature and theme of your business:

  • Drinks menu should include the sizes, flavors and specialties of the drinks. You can draw three columns to write drink size, price and flavor in front of drink but you can get added advantage by including ingredients and health benefits of the drink.
  • Keep your resume colorful and attention grabber to attract potential customers to pickup and read your menu. It will serve as promotional tool for your business so do not forget to include the name of your business, contact numbers and a catchy tagline. You can pick the theme of your drink bar while choosing color and fonts for the menu.
  • Clearly describe your other offers such as finger foods, baked items, stuffed potatoes, chicken nuggets or different other food items of your customer’s choice in the next section of drinks menu. Include price and special ingredients among each item so that you can get the attention of customers.
  • Bottom of the drinks menu should contain contact details of your bar so that the customers can contact you to order something from home. It will be good to use art work to decorate your menu and its best idea is to use clear images of your own products for the potential customers.
  • Number of your regular clients will determine the success or failure of your business so it is your liability to recognize your regular customers by their name. It will initiate a friendly relationship between you and your customers. Remember the preferences of your regular customers and ask them before serving anything. It will portray your good impression in front of potential customers.
  • You should consider climate changes, seasonal preferences and festivals and include special drinks and food items in your menu according to each occasion. It will increase the number of customers as people will find your bar an interesting place to celebrate their happiness.
  • Place your special drinks on the top of the menu and write ingredients as well as health benefits. It will be impressive to add a clear photo of special drinks to portray better impression in the mind of customer.

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