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Bar is an area in any restaurant or café where drinks of various kinds including alcoholic drinks are served. So bar menu can be referred to as the menu of that bar where cocktails are served. Bar menus are distinctive from the rest of the restaurant because of difference in its servings. Restaurants offer variety of food items whereas bars are specified for drinks of different kinds. Bar is not necessarily a part of restaurant. Bars can operate independently without liaising with hotels or restaurants. Bars that operate within a restaurant are forced to shape their menus according to the restaurant demands. Whereas bars that work independently design their menus in a way that attracts specific patron. Besides the menu their arrangement can also vary.

Some bars offer live musical shows and other live entertainment programs on the stage just to attract customers. Numerous ideas can be considered while the task of designing the bar menu is on hand.

The bar menu changes with the type of bar that one visits. Some bars are referred to as wine bars which serve only wines and no other drink. Some are full bars that serve almost every kind of drink so their menu contains a variety of drinks ranging from cocktails to wines. Some full bar menu contains small plates of food and snacks. There also exist beer bars that concentrate on serving beers only. Music bars also have their existence in various countries where a live musical show is presented besides serving various types of drinks. This all in one bar that has both entertainment as well as food is a different idea in itself. Similar ideas can be adopted when bar menus are developed to ensure an extensive customer base.

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Bar Menu Template

Besides the traditional concept of bar that serves only drinks, there are various contemporary bar types as well. For example salad bar, sundae bar and juice bar etc. As the name suggests these bars have their specialized menus containing variety of only one type of food or beverage etc. Juice bar will serve various variety of juices only. Similarly salad bar will contain salads of different kinds. So does their menus.

Bar’s menu and décor can be altered according to location of the bar and to attract profitable customers. To serve elite class of people menu must contain quality products that are demanding among the circle of status conscious people. This strategy of planning the bar menu will not only result in increased demand of bar’s items but also a good will. Adopting the right strategy to cater the right market is a challenge for bar owners because of mushroom growth of bars at every nook and corner. Increased competition demands diversified strategies and unique ideas to be implemented.

As alcoholic drinks are forbidden for Muslims so Muslim countries have no concept of bars. But now some posh areas have taken the initiative of opening bars. Their menus contain only Halal items like juices, salads and other snacks but alcoholic drinks are not served. So the designing of bar menu like other menus also requires research to be conducted to make sure that it is serving the right item.

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