Drinks Bar Menu Template

Bar menu is a short version of a standard dinner menu usually available at any restaurant. It may lists multiple food items including snacks, appetizers and popular cocktails. Allow me to share with you this Drinks Bar Menu Template in MS Word. This Bar Menu contains list of food and drinks that will be served at bar instead of dining table.

Drinks Bar Menu Design Guidelines

The menu should be of one-page, four sided menu with some important items. Bar menus are of different types including sports bar menu, juice bar menu, taco bar menu, fajita bar menu, sandwich bar menu etc. Each type of bar menu has its own requirements such as the purpose of sandwich bar is to satisfy finicky eaters and insatiable consumers. Sandwich bar menus include breads, meat to cheeses, veggies and condiments.

Bar menu is necessary for your bar business as it serves as promotional and informational tool. It is to facilitate your customers to conveniently order their favorite food items. Your bar menu should be well formatted because easy to read and colorful menu always grab the attention of customers. It can be really interesting to design bar menu because you have to use appropriate theme and images because we structured bar menu will help you to increase your business.

Free Drinks Bar Menu Template

Here is preview of this Drinks Bar Menu Template created using MS Word 2010,

Drinks Bar Menu Template

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Tips to Design Bar Menu

  1. Select appropriate word processing program according to your expediency because computer programs will make your work easy. You can use 11 by 17 sheet of paper to design bar menu.
  2. Create two separate panels including front panel and back panel. It will help you to include maximum details on your bar menu. Choose standard font size and color as it is necessary for the better layout.
  3. Attractive pictures of food are necessary for your bar menu.  For instance, if you want to design juice bar menu then download images of different beverages.
  4. Bar name, address, phone number, web address and descriptive pictures shall be in the front page.
  5. Write the name of your specialty food items, drinks and desserts on the back page of the menu.
  6. Keep your information interesting, concise but useful.
  7. Inside pages of the menu should contain list of bar appetizer so try to pick out five to seven best starters with appealing description to tempt your diners.
  8. Do not forget to include the details of other food items that are also available at your bar. You can also include any special dish or packages at the side of the menu.
  9. Background of bar menu should be attractive enough so try to use one or more photos to decorate layout of inside cover and back cover.
  10. Do not ignore text while inserting photos because photos should be inline with text so that your customers can easily link text and photos. For instance, for desert section, use images of popular desserts.
  11. If you want to increase the attractiveness of your bar menu then do not forget to include photos of special and famous dishes on your bar menu.
  12. Do not forget to insert logo of your bar on the top of each page to increase the authenticity of your bar menu. You have to write complete contact details of your bar on the menu including name, contact numbers, website etc.