Money Receipt Template

Money receipts are important for individuals and businesses to properly manage cash registers. When you give money to your friends, family members or business contacts, it is essential to generate money receipts in order to avoid financial errors and misunderstandings. You can design a handwritten money receipt or standard format can be design on computer system.

Small business organizations or freelancers also require money receipts to present to their customers. Cash receipts record services and goods provided by the organization. You should include the details about the products, paid money and format of payment like in cash or credit. It is important for the both seller and the customer to have copies hence you can use carbon-less receipt to create two copies of each receipt.

Free Money Receipt Template

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Money Receipt Template

Tips to Design Money Receipts

Money receipts are essential for official and regular transactions related to money. It is essential to design comprehensive money receipts according to the standard format to include all important details in the receipts. Following are some tips to design a comprehensive money receipts:

Tip # 1:

Money receipt should include title in block letters at the top of your document. In the upper right-hand corner, you can write the serial number of receipts and date at which you have received or send the money.

Tip # 2:

Money receipt should feature first and last name of the payer under the heading of “Received From”. Write dollar amount paid by the person to the right corner of the person’s name.

Tip # 3:

You have to write the reason for which the money is being taken or sent. It is essential to write the details of money sources such as rent, goods or services. You can write it under the name of payer in clear words.

Tip # 4:

Write current balance, payment amount and due balance according to the nature of payment from the individuals. Moreover, the nature of payment like cash, check, money order or credit card.

Tip # 5:

Write “received by” heading to write your name and initial at the bottom of the money receipt. Include name of your company, address and telephone number. Do not forget to write the date at which the receipt is being generated for the ease in record keeping.

Tip # 6:

Create a list of items or services available with you for sale and include the name as well as price with each item. If you are working to lend loans to the borrowers then you have to write interest percentage and different packages with the duration of loan.

Tip # 7:

You will get maximum space on the back of the money receipt so it is best place to write the important terms and conditions as well as policies of your business. You can prepare a table to highlight all important numbers for the convenience of customers.

Tip # 8:

It will be good to record the method of payment including cash, check or credit card. Designate a place for your own signature and the signature of customers. It will change the status of your simple money receipt as an official money receipt that can not be challenged in the court.

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