Pizza Menu Template

If you want to open a pizza parlor then it is essential to communicate your services and this can be done with the use of pizza menu. You can run a successful pizza shop with the help of a well designed menu as it can be a promotional tool for your pizza parlor. Potential customers will differentiate your services from competitors to become regular customers. Usually, customers get first impression about your shop through the aroma of pizza but you cannot ignore the importance of pizza menu. Pizza menu serves as primary sale engine therefore it is essential to convey exact offer to your customer in stylish and to the point manner. Pizza menu should be colorful with different interesting images, complete details of your pizza parlor and services. Your contact details should be written on the pizza menu so that the potential customers can contact you.

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Pizza Menu Template

Tips to Design Pizza Menu

Comprehensive pizza menu will prove best for the promotion of your services and for your help following are some tips to design an attractive pizza menu:

  • In first step, you have to decide the general look for your menu such as color, font, orientation etc. Color of the menu should be based on the theme of your pizza parlor such as if you have Italian pizzas then your menu color should be red and green according to the color of Italian flag. If you have specific color scheme for your shop then you can follow it for the selection of colors.
  • Find a catchy font that will match with the theme and feel of your shop such as if you have formal setup then formal font will prove best otherwise for casual place you can use fun or crazy fonts. Regardless of font style, the font should be easy to read without any efforts.
  • You will surely face competition in the market so it will be good to know about other pizza parlors in the town. It will help you to include some additional features and services in your shop to get prominent place among other people. For instance, if you are using chopped vegetables and grating cheese by hand then it is important to inform customer about this point.
  • Divide your menu into different sections such as start pizza menu with appetizers followed by main sections, desserts and beverages. If you have any special pizza in your parlor then highlight it and inform customers about special value items like buy two get one free or any kind of discount on meal packages. Give a special but yummy name to your special pizza and explain the ingredients to increase the interest of customers.
  • Usually pizza parlors offer free home delivery services so it is important for you to explain the details of delivery services at the bottom of the menu for the convenience of customers. In this portion, you have to write your address, phone number and any special information such as minimum order size or delivery fees.
  • Pizza menu will be used as advertisement flyer so it will be good to use durable card stock to take its printout. Leave plenty of empty space to adjust coupon offers at the bottom and make sure to change the coupons on regular basis without any major change in the layout.

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