Design Work Proposal Template

Whenever a potential client approaches you to have his work done, he is looking for some professional work-driven environment. But how you can ensure him of all the required features? Answer lies in writing a winning proposal because proposal acts as the key piece of communication between both parties. Although the client cannot actually see your potential through your proposal but a good idea can be made through this. So the idea of getting the project comes down to your ability of writing an impressive yet holistic proposal. Many tips and tricks can be found on internet for writing a good proposal but then again it comes down to one’s ability to emulate things according to one’s requirements. A logical and coherent proposal would not only win the project for first time but will also create a good impression for long-run relationship.

Design work can relate to various fields like website designing, furniture designing, interior designing etc. So if client approaches with the task of designing at hand then you have to see whether it really relates to your skills and capabilities. A website designer obviously cannot design interior of any building or house. Also the requirements for design work vary from client to client. So while formulating the design work proposal, like any other kind of proposal, one should carefully look at the requirements of the client. What is the time frame required by the client and the minimum cost within which he would like to have his design work completed. Every query should be cleared in advance to come up with a suitable design work proposal. Like any other kind of proposal design work proposal is also divided into several sections. In first section one should give the executive summary of the proposal. As it is the summary, it should be concise and convey the significant information in an effective tone. It should not be more than 2-3 paragraphs. In this section, one should highlight the salient features of client’s business as well as his own. The industry in which client is operating and the trends that are currently prevailing in that industry. Also proper use of summary is necessary because this is going to be the first part on which reader will shed light. Relating the client’s objectives with your own skills and capabilities is significantly done in this part.

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Design Work Proposal Template

After carefully stating the executive summary, current situation that is prevalent should be discussed in a manner that client feels the proposed solution as mandatory for his business. This can only be done through actively responding the concerns that client’s business might be facing. For example if the design work is related to the website designing then, the writer should emphasize on the new design of website by presenting strong arguments. And if web site’s navigation isn’t right then it can be referred to in the proposal. Writer can offer additional features in the new website design to attract the client. After elaborating on that, the budget required to achieve the mentioned goals needs attention. After stating all the relevant facts and figures, one should conclude the proposal by thanking the potential client for an opportunity to provide the proposal and making him believe in you by presenting what makes you unique from your rivals.

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