Medical Certificate Template

Medical certificate is a document issued by a doctor or any medical institution such as a clinic or hospital in which the medical condition of a person is mentioned. Medical certificates are issued for both fitness and illness of any person after a medical examination performed by a physician. These certificates are of extreme importance for uses in several legal and official matters, which will be mentioned later. A responsible medical authority for its authenticity and reliability seals medical certificates. There is one special type of medical certificates known by the term ‘aegrotat’ which refers to sickness or illness of a person and hence serves as an excuse from school or work of any student or worker respectively.

The uses of a medical certificate are numerous in the modern day life. Medical certificates are required for several purposes. Talking about the medical certificates of fitness; they are required at several entry positions like admission in a school, college or university, hiring for a job post or workers, getting an entry into armed forces of any country and several other such situations where the fitness of an applicant matters, medical certificates are the thing to be there. Medical certificates of fitness are also important in legal matters e.g. if a prisoner is medically fit the court of law has to take decisions of punishments and other grounds accordingly.

Medical certificates of illness, the other side of medical certificates has their own kind of need in this world. These certificates are required if a student is absent from school or a worker is missing his or her shifts on the basis of illness and unfitness. These certificates provide a proof of the reason of being absent and hence save from penalties, which might be applicable otherwise. Certificates of illness are also important in matters related to health insurance where the payments are made only if insurance company medically covers the condition of a person and condition is cleared out by a medical certificate in that case. Medical certificates are extensively used in matters related to taxation, for seeking health benefits from an employer and matters of legal nature.

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Medical Certificate Template

Every doctor or medical institution according to his or her choice designs medical certificates, however some salient features are found common in every medical certificate you might come across. To design a medical certificate here are the few things to keep in mind.

  • If the certificate is to be designed for a physician or medical institute, simplicity is the best option to choose i.e. white page with black text. However the institute or clinic logo if any can be printed on the top left corner. If the certificate is to be designed for a specific organization for its entry purposes such as job or admission or participation etc. it can be designed as per choice where colors and design might vary. But still this is no fancy certificate so take care even if you are designing it.
  • There are several fields included in a medical certificate, given blank spaces to be filled accordingly where full name, address in full, nationality, age, date of birth etc. are included. This portion is usually filled by the applicant of a medical certificate.
  • The second part is related to the physician where medical details whichever required are filled by the testing party i.e. a doctor or institute where eye sight, weight or any other tests carried out are mentioned with results accordingly.
  • A certification statement is mentioned whereby the status of the applicant is mentioned as ‘fit’ or ‘unfit’.

Space for doctors’ signatures and official seal/stamp is left at the bottom right corner.

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