Bid Proposal Templates

A bid proposal is a document that is based on an explanation of the product(s) or services with an estimation of cost on which it is offered to a company. Along with cost estimation, the bid proposal also contains information about that particular product(s) or services. Bid proposals are offered by companies to other entities in order to sign them as a customer. Bid proposals can be solicited or unsolicited. In a solicited bid proposal is a response to a request for proposal and just consider a as an official document and is known as a bid later in the process of contracting while in an unsolicited bid there is no contractual agreement between the two parties that is the author of the bid proposal and the bid recipient.

Professional bidding is usually used to submit via a bid form that can be printed and handwritten however; as a need of the modern world, these days printed bid forms have a positive impact. Usually, bid forms have two copies one for submission and one for keeping in your own file. A bid proposal includes information about job completion, required material, total cost and an estimated time frame for its completion. Additional to this information, professional bid proposals include qualification list, subcontractors if any and an overview that show a procedure of accomplishments. Bid proposals that involve physical work also include a safety plan based on detailed information about steps that will help in minimizing work injuries and other physical damage and loss.

Free Bid Proposal Templates

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Bid Proposal Template

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Writing a Successful Bidding Proposal

    • In the first half of the bid proposal, write a brief introduction about the importance and the reasons for the proposal. The introduction will also clear the overview and scope of the project for which the bid proposal is created.
    • Describe your qualification and abilities according to the project requirements. Write all your expertise and extra skills to impress the issuer. The section should be a page long.

  • Provide information about the team of workers who will be needed to work on the project. The list will include number of employees, their expertise and outsourced employees if needed.
  • The bidder should also explain their past bid experience as this will increase their chance of getting approval.
  • At the end of the proposal, write the importance of your bid convincing the company that why your bid is an ideal one and why the company should think about you seriously. In this section also summarize your plans and procedures and also clear that how you can save resources for the bidding company.
  • Check your bid proposal for spelling and grammar errors and correct them all as spelling and grammar errors can affect your professional impact. Proofread your proposal and check if you missed any step because a number of bids get rejections due to these two reasons.

The bidding proposal should always be written by a professional and experience consultant or contractor in order to avoid chances of errors and to describe the purpose of proposal accurately.