IT Proposal Template

IT proposal is a proposed research study plan that is written to illustrate IT related work or study approach. Usually IT proposals are presented for some network solutions with business orientations.  For a successful IT project to be addressed via proposal pure scientific technique is applied.

In the very start of the proposal there should be given the abstract or summary of the whole proposal. Usually this section is written at the end summarizing the whole content and the methods of the research and project. The summary of the proposal should focus;

  • Proposed project problem under study
  • Purpose of the proposal
  • The executive summary of the research methods

It should be kept in mind while summarizing the proposal that it should be not more than 250-300 words, and for this every above point should be not more than two lines. If the summary is too long it will negate the impact of the whole proposal.

here is preview of this IT Proposal Template created using Microsoft Word 2010,

IT Proposal Template

After this here comes the major section of the proposed project description. In this the details of the project, research plans, objectives, and research methods are discussed in detail. The background of the project study should be given with the relevant studies and references of the computer knowledge. It should also discuss the technical impacts and analysis of the proposed solution on the systems of the industry and compatibility of the infrastructure of an organization.

The methodology of the research should exhibit each and even a minute detail of the systems under study. The type of the systems, the commands and the key components of the systems involved in the study like software, hardware, database systems, networking, server, business analysis, supply chain management software or any other specific tool if involved related to Information technology.

The methodologies of the proposal should address the following necessary details;

  • The selection criteria and basics of systems under study
  • The technical approach implemented on the study
  • The constraints affecting  the study

The applications and compatibility of the study is analyzed for varying environments and systems at the end of the methodology discussion. This should actually address the use of the proposed study and its business applications and needs.

The Costs and expense of the proposal should also be addressed. For this the costs of every step and individual works are broken down, calculate separately. Although these costs and expenses are assumed costs but they should be very close to the practical expenses so that any sponsoring agent interested to continue practically the project can have the idea of the required funds.

A good IT proposal should be written in the technical language. The terminology should be purely technical; all the relevant terms should be explained in the glossary or in the form of footnotes. The studies referred should be complete and searchable. Every section of the proposal should be addressed carefully meeting all the necessary details. It is important to note that no extra details should be given in the proposal which are irrelevant or out of the way.

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