Investment Proposal Template

An Investment Proposal is presented when any company or an organization is proposed to bring a new project in the market or wants to sell some new services or objects. Such a proposal is presented in order to give a complete snapshot of the future objectives and business investment details. The advantage of the investment proposal is that it harmonizes the efforts of the sales team of any organization giving them a target objective designed within the constricted investment budgets. The investment proposal actually

  • Helps to build up reasonable expectation for the objectives and guidelines of your investment plans.
  • Helps to set forth the investment strategies and structure
  • Encourages an effective communication between market, clients and investment structures

The preliminary details that should be embedded in one valid investment proposal are;

Information about the Presenter:

In this section all the details about the person who is interested to present a particular proposal are given. It should enlist in detail the company details, the executive details, the financial data of the company till the present year, and CV’s of the key influencing partners or executives of the company.

Here is preview of a sample Investment Proposal Template created using Microsoft Word,

Investment Proposal Template

The Project Description:

In the next section the details about the project are given for the respective investment. It should briefly address the purpose of the project, its objectives, any sponsors and the stepwise investment plans and breakdown structure for the investment.

Information about Sponsorship, Technical Assistance and Financial Assistance:

In this section the details are given about all the historical background of sponsorship, financial data and business details. It should also enlist the details of any technical arrangements and external support in form of the management, and production terms.

The value of Market and Sales:

It should provide all the details about the production projections, the sales value and market position for that project or product. It also addresses the proposed users of the product as well as the distribution channels need to be activated for that product. Additionally all the critical factors which can be effective on the sales process of that particular product should also be given.

Details of Technical Feasibility, Manpower, Raw Materials Sources and their Management:

The proposal should briefly comment on the technical complexities and details of the manpower, resources and the management of all the required resources for the project that is to be invested for.

Investment Structure, Project Requirements and the Financing Returns:

In this section all the important details about the investment plans are addressed with the complete structure and breakdown of the whole project into small steps along with the investment details.

Government rules and Regulations:

The details of the government rules and regulations are also given. It should address if any Government support or incentives are applicable to the project.

Timeline for the Investment Project and Proposal:

All the details about the time period for which the object is going to be completed are mentioned along with the investment details and payment proposals for each step involved in the project completion.

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