Grant Proposal Template

In the business world, grant proposals are common things about people all the time are talking. Governments of different countries including U.S offers a number of specific projects with millions of dollars to individuals, firms and organizations. Grant proposal are plans to win the funding for different government projects. Organizations, non-profit organizations, education related facilities and charitable organizations are eligible to get grants. If any organization wants to win that grants. They have to go through a formal request procedure known as writing a grant proposal letter. The request itself is grant proposal. For the submission of grant proposal there are a number of ways such as organization application forms or full grant proposals.

Requirements for creating a Grant Proposal:

The request for proposal document helps to get services and offers from different vendors. There is no hard and fast rule of preparing REP as it varies according to situations. In a REP you should include the main purpose of the proposal, general information about the organization that usually includes the size, numbers of branches, plans of expansions if any and number of employees etc.  The length of REP can vary from one page to several pages and both have its own benefits. When requesting for proposals by organizations, other companies then check the details of REP. And if they find out it beneficial for their company and stakeholders they then try to prepare an effective grant proposal.

Here is preview of a free Grant Proposal Template using Microsoft Word 2010,

Grant Proposal Template

How to prepare an effective Grant Proposal?

A Grant Proposal includes a set of important components.

  • Grant proposals need to have a concise cover letter that can summarize all the important information and purpose. Cover letter includes personal information of the applicant (here applicant is a company or an organization), the procedure of using money and convincing information that you are a good fit for getting this grant.
  • After covering letter, applicants need to include an impressing body of the proposal. The body of the proposal includes details of an assessment of the company’s needs by the applicant. Mention major goals that the company wants to achieve from funding. A clear outline of the entire  program proposal and information regarding the utilization of money need to provide. Moreover explain measurement methods or means for achieving goals and an estimate of timeline for completing the proposal.
  • The body of grant proposal also needs to include certain information for the knowledge of the requester. Such as the number and quality of the key staff, summaries of their past performance in any project, financial status of the company and an overview of necessary budget.

Writing successful grant proposals are not big deals however, applicants must understand the criteria of a request for proposal by the agency. They need to prepare their grant proposal in accordance. Never provide unnecessary information as they will conceal the main points as well as avoid providing fake information. Because sometimes RFP agencies send their inquiry teams to companies before the approval of the grant.

Here is download link for this Grant Proposal Template,