Best Student Certificate Templates

Best Student Certificate is valued as a high worth document. It proves as an evidence of the efforts of a student who proved his ability. A best student is chosen by considering the overall performance, marks and engagement in extra-curricular activities. Sometimes it is also known by the name of Outstanding Student Certificate. The Best Student Certificate must be designed in a way that it highlights the objective of drafting this paper. But designing the same is a work of great responsibility. Not even a smallest mistake is accepted. But need not worry! Follow the design trends as mentioned below to draft an error-free Best Student Certificate.

The format of a Best Student Certificate is same as that of any other certificate. But contents change along with little more variations. These variations can be in the font style, font size, border design, watermark, etc. The sheet used for the certificate must be of good quality. If a glossy paper is chosen, it should be a thin sheet. Else if you go for a matte finish, the paper should be thick. The rough draft can be prepared on MS Word, Photoshop software or Paint. A paper or hard copy is not preferred as it is not comfortable to carry and editing becomes difficult.  Also, if it is to be sent for verification to senior authority, a soft copy can be easily sent via emails, message etc.

Best Student Certificate Template

Here is a first Free Best Student Certificate Template that I have designed using MS Word. It is in Green Theme and quite easy to edit or customize as per your own situation. Download it form the link bellow, and then open it in MS Word (latest version ). Start editing its text by clicking on it and and then typing your desired text. Remember to replace placeholder seal image with your own original seal to authenticate this certificate.

Checkout the preview of this good looking Best Student Certificate Template.

Best Student Certificate Template

Here is download link for this Best Student Certificate Template,


Starting with the border, choose a golden thick border to outline the Best Student Certificate. The name of the institute must be mentioned in the middle space at the top of the sheet. Any appropriate font style can be chosen. Below this, highlight the “Best Student Certificate” title in golden bold. Leave a single line space and start with the description. The content must be typed in black ink. Ensure that you begin with the name of the student and also no spelling mistakes must be made here. The description must not exceed two lines.

Student of the Year Certificate Template

If you prefer to have a neat Blue Theme for your Student Certificate, then here comes the same template in Light Blue Color Scheme. It has different border to make it a distinct certificate design and not just exactly same as the first one. Again, you need MS Word to edit this design before printing. You can also change its text font and size as per your own requirements.

Here is another good Student of the Year Certificate Template in MS Word format.

Student of the Year Certificate Template

Here is download link for this Certificate Design in MS Word,

Do not unnecessarily praise the student; it is a formal document, hence keep it to-the-point. A logo of the institute must be inserted in the right bottom or left bottom space but ensure that it is colored. The date of issuing the Best Student Certificate can be mentioned on the top right space of the page. To prove the authenticity of the certificate, a minimum of two signatures are required. The first one has to be of the Director of the institute and second one must be of the dean or the principal. A third signature is not mandatory but it can be of the head of the student affairs.

Best Student of the Year Certificate Template

If you are planning to issue Student of the Year Certificate to young kinds with initial grades, you definitely need an attractive and colorful Certificate Design. Here is one such Colorful Best Student of the Year Certificate Template that I have designed in MS Word to help you. Anyone can easily edit it by download it and opening it in MS Word at your PC or laptop.

Yet another good looking Best Student of the Year Certificate Template in MS Word.

Best Student of the Year Certificate Template

Here is download link for this Student Certificate Template.

Ensure that you do not finalize the Student Certificate before verifying it from senior authority. Remember, that you do not fold the certificate rather roll it and present in the form of a scroll or place it inside a leather cover. The Best Student Certificate is a crucial document which adds to the student’s achievements. It can be used in job interviews during placements. Thus, it has its unique importance and will help you in differentiating from others.