Rental Contract Template

The structure and the layout of the tenancy contract should be unambiguous from the owner’s side and the from the tenant’s side as well. It is compulsory that the both parties should agree on all points of the contract with a nice mutual consensus. An apparent contract contains many things like terms and conditions from both sides clearly mentioned because it will help both sides in future to resolve any dispute. These obligations might be locate by the property-owner and some requirements might be raised by the tenant like if the tenant think that he/she may have to to get out early, he/she should need a “Break Clause” to be added in the contract otherwise the tenant shall be remain legally responsible for all rent payments whether he/she is using the property or not, on the other hand be alert that it is very rare for property-owners to agree on a break clause, because it means that they will have to find out a new tenant after a specific period of time.

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Tenancy Contract Template

The structure and layout of the contract form owner’s side might be like as, the property-owner might agree on, that the property-owner shall not disrupt or mess about with the tenant’s right to calmly live in the property. The property-owner shall maintain or shall not maintain as per the negotiation with the tenant about the repair of the structure and outer premises including drains, plaster work, etc. And furthermore to maintain the  repair and operational order of every installations provided by the owner for heating and cleanliness and for the provision of water, gas and electricity including basins, sinks, baths, toilets, flushing systems, electrical wiring with sockets and switches, gas pipes and water pipes etc. In addition it is also mentioned that the premises is to be let furnished or unfurnished and if the premises is furnished then the list of the furniture shall presented by the owner in which quantity and state of the furniture be mentioned. And end of the contract and the renewal of the contract should also be in the written format.

On the other hand tenant may agree with the owner as that he/she will surely pay the rent on due date which shall be set after the mutual conciliation of both parties. And the tenant shall keep the interior of the premises and the provided furniture and fixtures, fittings and other in as good condition as they are in now (at the time of handing over). The tenant also agrees that he/she will use the premises only for living during the term his/her tenancy not to use the premises to operate a business or any other activity without any written consent form the owner and he/she will not allow anyone of his/her family or visitors to be a reason of irritation or displeasure to neighbors and he/she will live in peace, not to keep pets in the premises without the owner’s permission. In contract the tenant ensures the owner that he/she will keep the inner premises in a nice and clean condition and to decorate the inner part as necessary to keep them in good condition, and to undertake any necessary minor repairs to the premises, to report to the owner on time in case of any defect in or damage to the structure. And the tenant shall give the owner at least four week notice in written form to end the contract. And many other matters might be mentioned according to the approval of both sides which can make a complete and comprehensive contract.

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