Interview Report Template

If you are in a position to interview people for jobs then you often come across writing reports on interviews. Writing an Interview Report may sound like a daunting task but by following some Interview Report Guidelines, it should be smooth sailing. An Interview Report is typically assists towards human resources and the big bosses.

Interview Report Introduction

An Interview Report should ideally begin with personal information about the person interviewed and their notable work. The people reading the report should have a rough idea about how well the interviewee fits into a certain group. You need to be the assessor of that. In other words, it should be like an introduction of the interviewee. It helps recruitment panel to gets a fair idea about the person in interview.

In order to write a good Interview Report, you must first gather all the facts and information that you have about the person interviewed. You may have taken notes during the interview or made audio recordings. Gather all this data and divide it in broad categories like overview, professional experience, extracurricular activities, evaluation, etc. Then get into your recommendation of that particular candidate. This is important because those reading your Interview Report will have access to information that will help them frame follow up questions while interviewing the same candidate in the future.

Interview Report Key Points

Extracurricular activities should also be mentioned in an Interview Report because this information gives an insight into the candidates psyche. Whether the candidate is adventurous or competitive will come through in his activities. Such activities can be outside the professional field. If you think that this information has bearing on how the candidate might benefit the team, mention this in the Interview Report.

Professional details are probably the most relevant piece of information to include in an Interview Report. The past professional experience of the candidate could very well benefit your company and its vision. This section should also include the candidate’s own assessment of how their qualifications and experience could mix with the company’s mission and vision.

Interview Report Conclusion

The final and the most important piece of information to be included in an Interview Report is your conclusions. Since you are the one interviewing the candidate, you are in the best position to be able to tell if they fit in to the picture. You know your organisation and you know the candidate somewhat. You should be able to tell if they are a good fit. Your recommendation should ideally be based on body language, confidence level and the intelligence level of the candidate. Based on all this data you should be able to determine how good a fit the candidate is for your organisation.

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Interview Report Template

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While writing an Interview Report, please keep in mind your target audience. They are the people going to hire or recruit these candidates. Or in some cases, they are going to schedule another interview to further investigate their viewpoint. Therefore, the report must be thorough and should have all the necessary details for the big bosses.