Free Linking Agreement Template

Due to the continuous advancement in technology, all businesses have connected to the internet to expand, advertise and market their products. This not only provides them a virtual space to move but also earn handsome profits through such practices. Almost all brick and mortar setups are connected to the internet now. They maintain website to cater to the online traffic. People also resort to such locations to buy different items. This is not only easy in terms of availability but also saves other costs in travelling etc. So maintenance of online websites has become inevitable for the businesses to survive in this era. There are various ways by which website owners maintain the smooth flow of traffic. They attract customers through numerous ways. And one of the techniques is website linking.

Two parties involved in free linking agreement are the owner of receiving website/target website whose links are placed on another website i.e. linking website. The owner of target website allows the owner of linking website to place links on the home page. But that has to follow some guidelines given by the owner of target website. In a linking agreement, the owner of website providing services may charge some amount but as this is free linking agreement so no money is charged to the target website owner. Several clauses can be added in this agreement according to one’s needs and requirements.

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Free Linking Agreement Template

Some of the standard terms that must be included in the agreement are.

  • The clause regarding the placement of the link on the linking website.
  • The clause elaborating the details regarding the kind of link used. Either graphical link will be used or the link having text in it.
  • The size and location of the link must also be mentioned in one of the clauses to rule out the possibility of any misunderstanding.
  • The owner of targeted website can demand the use of vibrant link that instantly takes the attention of visitor and create brand awareness among them in an effective manner.
  • Also the limitations within which the owner of linking website has to operate and use the link must be entered in the agreement. These can be:
  1. Dimensions of the link must be according to the provided detail.
  2. Location of the link must be very prominent so that users of the linking website notice the link at once.
  3. Content of the target website should not be blocked in any way through the link.
  4. No modification in the content of the targeted website through the link.
  5. If the linking website contains any obscene or defamatory material then the targeted website must not be linked. Because this will damage the reputation of the targeted website as well.
  6. Instant removal of the link if the owner of targeted website withdraws its permission of linking.

Some of the reasons for which the linking agreement happens between two interested parties are as follows:

  • For enhancement of brand image.
  • To increase the number of users of targeted/receiving website.
  • To create awareness among users of linking website of the targeted website.
  • To generate revenues by increasing the number of visitors.

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