Assignment of Contributor Rights Agreement Template

The contributor rights assignment agreement takes place between the person who contributes any material and the one who is the owner of the project in which material is being contributed by the contributor. As this is the assignment agreement, all rights relating to the contribution are transferred to the other party. Had it been a license, the contributor will transfer the rights temporarily and can use the material anywhere else. But in this case the contributor irrevocably assigns all the rights and title to the contribution to other party. Now it is up to the owner to exploit the contributed work in any way. It can republish, further develop, post online, modify or sell it to other party. Contributor can no more sue the owner for infringement of copyrights. Assignment is all about transferal of copyrights permanently.

The contributor must include warranties in the agreement to win the owner’s trust. Moreover this is an inevitable part of the agreement. Contributor must warrant that the work being contributed is solely created by contributor himself. No third party has the right or title to this work. So no one can sue the owner for copyright infringement later on. The contributor holds the ownership of the contributed material so he is duly authorized to transfer the copyright to any other party. Contributor also represents the fact that the contribution shall contain the detail of any restrictions that the work is subject to. So that the owner doesn’t fall under the burden of unnecessary lawsuits in the future. Also the contributor must agree to apprise the owner of any misrepresented facts regarding third party licenses and work restrictions.

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Assignment of Contributor Rights Agreement

The sample of contributor rights assignment agreement can be quite easily found online. Even legal advice can also be taken online through various websites specialized at this service. One must not hesitate while consulting an attorney for legal advice. Because this can prevent one from legal proceedings later on. Vague language can result in misinterpretations by parties involved in the agreement. So the use of vivid technical terms is necessary in such agreements. Most of the confusions arise from the use of vague language so this point must be kept in mind while drafting the agreement. Both parties should independently proof read the terms and conditions to end up in an effective agreement. Although it is said that the written agreements are more valid than verbal agreements but that validity doesn’t rule out the possibility of fraudulent activities. Written agreements do provide legal protection against frauds. In case of violation of the terms of the agreement, both parties should decide in advance of the authority to which the case will be referred. This decision gives a sigh of relief in stressful situations. If an individual contributor has entered into the agreement then the nature of relationship is different. And if corporate contributor is involved in the agreement then the nature differs. Because there is no room for informal terms and conditions. Everything is preset and well in time.

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